1 Cost 30k Battle Cards! - Set 11 Reveals #5

We've been elightened... a bit. Bandai have now revealed the UC Yellow and Black cards for Vermillion Bloodline, and we can now sort of see the Dark Broly deck taking form. We also see another instance of the "rider" trait that I (seemingly alone) am highly interested in. Let's jump right in shall we?

Gohan riding Icarus (I refuse to call it Hire-Dragon. Yes I know that's the Japanese Name) is the first bigger card we have seen for the Gohan leader. This card gets around the Unison cards permanent as it's a 6 cost, but it comes out for 1 when you sack 2 1 cost skill less cards. It's sent to warp if removed like Starter Vegeks Vegeta, and buffs all your 1 cost skill less by 5k. Seems like great value for one energy! The Rider trait again makes an appearance on this card. It's obviously referencing Gohan being a rider of the dragon, but why is it there? What purpose does it fill?

Pan is the 1 drop Unison enabled Blocker/Cantrip for Yellow. We've seen that all the main colours get one of these so not too much to say about it.

This Garlic Jr battle card is a monster of defensive skills, he is indestructible, and provides a second overloard on the board to help cycle your servant cards. He also stops your leader and unison from taking damage from any of your opponents cards that have Double or Triple Strike. That's so strong considering he also has deflect! Great utility card to help stall, and considering this decks counter can be activated with no energy you don't necessarily have to worry about tapping out for this guy.

Ah, the lost elite four member we were missing from the last article. Vinegar has the same skill to play himself when you activate overlord (for one energy), and play a 2 cost Demon clan from the top 5 in rest mode (potentially setting up draw etc). Seems like a better card than the other Elite Four members.

The Shadow Dragon Support keeps coming starting with Seven Star Ball and Naturon Shenron (who is apparently just a fat pig). No need to go over this much since we've seen simialr balls before, but this card brings out the next one.

Pigboy comes out using the ball above and allows you to put dragons from your drop to deck when he attacks. Definitely not as strong as the others we've seen.

Eis Shenron also makes an appearance this set, although his actual battle cards are rare and above so we haven't seen them yet. This card lets you play one with an energy cost of 2.

On to black and we have one of the cards we've been waiting for, the 1 cost Broly that can be used in conjunction with the Dark Dragon Ball to become Dark Broly. This guy (and a couple of the cards coming up) is a 1 cost 30k battle card... That could have been broken, but luckily enough they cant attack, and their skills can't be negated. He can be played for 1 from hand or drop, the latter by sending 3 battle cards to warp. We see more specified black energy here too which is cool.