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A Dash of Promo Joy

'Sup fam.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last couple of days. You know that both European and US Nationals are over.

One thing to come of these tourneys: new card reveals!

Here at Saibamen HQ. We love us new cards (as you can probably tell by now...), so let's take a look at whats coming.

Straight off the bat. This one got me reaching for a change of undies. Super Saiyan Son Goku.

This card is our first true Dual-Color leader (Can we call it Orange? ). With him comes a new Awaken mechanic - 'Awaken:Surge'. Place a red and a yellow card under the leader, draw 3, re-stand 1 energy and awaken.

Un-awakened, this guy draws 2 and then drops 1. You want to take advantage of this as much as possible, because he won't be drawing once he wakes up.

Also - there's nothing to stop you from awakening turn 1 with this guy (you probably shouldn't, but you could).

SS Son Goku, Surge of Divinity. For this guy to be anything more than a 15k leader beater, you need to be at 5 or less life and have cards beneath him to drop for leader effect.

The effect to blank your opponents entire field (ignoring barrier) is nuts. oh, and the fact that this can be activated Main OR Battle. That's Batsh*t Crazy!!!!

The other option for 10k power and Crit is okay too.

I'm keen as a bean to see the support for this fella. Which I'm sure will put cards beneath him and likely self-harm. I guess we will have to wait for EX-09 to learn more. We have seen the Piccolo/Gohan tease. What else awaits?

Next we have the Dash reveals. This time around, the Dash cards are Pre-Release only. If you want these cards, get your orders in now with your local Brick & Mortar store.

My mate Hatchy is back and now more than ever, he really needs a hug.

Hatchyyack, Hatred Everlasting. Place this bloke from hand to drop, then mill yourself 2. 3 energy plays him from drop area, provided you can send 3 battle cards back to deck.

25k and can re-stand when attacking a battle card (once per turn).

Infinite Energy. U/G seems to be cementing its spot as the ramp duo of choice. Another card which stops you from playing 30-35k power cards for the game.

This guy is gonna look dope as f*ck in foil.

Beerus, Path of Destruction. I love Beerus. I also love cards that can attack active battle mode cards. coming out for 2 energy and being a 20k hitter doesn't hurt either. Oh, and he can re-stand once per turn if you have the energy to burn.

7 Star Dragon Ball is finally here! Was it worth the wait? No.

Stick with the generic Dragon Balls to draw a card and find better ways to buff your Leader.

Godly Aptitude, SSG Son Goku. The Cherry atop every box.

I don't see anything to get excited about here. Weeks after BT08 hits, I look forward to counting these to remind myself of how many boxes I impulse bought....

Thanks everyone! Apologies that some of the images are a little sub-par. I'll clean them up when possible.

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles!

They will be adding the set 8 upon release! The Magnificent Collection is available now!

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