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A little more Blue for you - Set 11 Reveals #11

Most of the Rares revealed yesterday were covered in our article on the strategy release. Leaving us 2 to talk through.

Vegeta, Disciplined Warrior is a Fantastic Super Combo, the art showcasing a hairline that only Spinach would envy. Every color in set is getting a Super Combo of this nature. Giving us another way to set up our bottom deck plays and keep the hand healthy.

6 Specified energy is a lot. The second 30k Blue Blocker we have seen so far, with the first being: SS4 Vegeta, Rise of the Super Warrior.

SS4 Son Goku, Energy Annihilation isn't the best Blue Rare card we have ever seen. Despite Restanding and sacking an opponents energy and battle card. It will be easier to get out in a Ramp deck, but I can think of much better options for my 7 energy. (RIP Gogeta 7).

A late addition turns this into a collab article. Sam here taking you through this extra SR that was revealed just now. SS3 Son Goku is the 4th blue SR (we covered the other two in an earlier article). It's a 2 cost (even in baby) blue negate that allows you to reclaim a blue unison from your drop area or rescue a doomed unison from your unison area then play a 15k beater. I feel in some situations this would be excellent, and in others less so. Cool to be able to use with the baby unison, discard 2 cards instead of paying the cost, then grab that unison back, essentially only dropping one card to negate the attack.

Short and sweet this time. Happy Friday!


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