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A Quick Quip - Green SRs Revealed - Set 10 Reveals #10

Bandai went ahead and dropped two new SRs on their facebook just then. Only two cards so this article will be short and sweet, but lets do it anyway!

The first of two SR counters is Frieza, Charismatic Villain. Green's version of the Trunks counter play we saw last week is also 5 cost. It can be activated for free when you have a green unison in play with at least 2 markers in play. When you activate the card you play it, and you can KO one of your opponent's battle cards with an energy cost of 7 or less. Such a great answer for your opponent's game ending bombs! This will be an auto include in any decks that run the correct unison card. That art is just sexy too.

The second card is a Counter Attack. Dormant Potential Unleashed is almost a nimbus for green. It doesn't negate the attack, but it allows you to KO cards that add up to 2 or less (bye bye tokens), then if you drop a green card your opponent can only attack one more time. It can also be activated for free if you have a green unison card in play. This card is going to be another staple, in any green deck. The only caveat is that your leader has to be Mono Green - Sorry Piccolo players. It's great for 1 energy, so having the unison is just a bonus!

That's it for the cards, but we also got to see the decklists for the Blue and Green unison starter decks, so here they are too:

Spirit of Potara

Clan Collusion

And that's it for our shortest article yet! Can't wait to see what Bandai reveals tomorrow!

Until then

~Sam Russell

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

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