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A Spicy Snack - Green/Blue/Black BT8 Reveal!

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Wow! What a reveal to wake up to! It may not be the popular opinion, but the Blue & Green (also black) cards excite me much more than their Red/Yellow counterparts. It may be because I'm not a massive fan of GT, but regardless, I'm hard(ly believing some of these cards).

I'm going to apologise in advance in case I'm fairly brief with my thoughts today, there are a lot of cards to go through, and I'm short on time!

Let's start with Blue:

Okay, first two. Son Goku, the Rescuer comes out for free when a battle card is sent to a player's hand. Yours or your opponents. In blue this is pretty darn strong considering all the cards we have and will have that return cards to hands. He also has an effect from drop can also send a 3 drop or less from the field to a players hand, which can proc the skill of another one of these in your hand.

Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Strenuous Onslaught is a 3 drop that can self awaken by taking one or two cards from life when it's played. It then gets a 5k boost for the turn. When your opponent starts their turn you untap one energy. It's okay. Good if you really need to awaken. Not amazing though.

Next up, Gohan cards. Supreme Technique Son Gohan is a Clone Token support card. It is a 2 drop that gains +10k and Critical which is very similar to Supreme Technique Vegeta which is the same but with Double Strike.

Son Gohan, Calling for Help is a top 5 searcher for blue or green Son Goku & Piccolo cards. Great support for the new blue/green stuff.

Turtle School in the house. Krillin, the Cunning is the blue version of the new anti untap cards. It's the same as the others in that it prevents either player from untapping energy on their turn unless the want to warp 5 cards. Doesn't effect leader abilities. This is likely why we are seeing so many cards that untap at the start of your opponents turn.

Master Roshi, Masterly Majesty is an energy filter card that, upon combo, allows you to retrieve a multicolour card from your energy and replace it with a card from your hand. Good if you charge a game ender early so you can get it back later.

More Clone Token support. Android 21, the Ringleader get's your clone tokens going early, spawning a CT at the end of your opponents next turn. She also has an Activate: Main that, for one blue and one green energy you can play Android 21's Scheme from the drop area if your leader is an Android. Great if your opponent runs the field removal cards.

Maleficent Technique Frieza comes in to play for free if you remove 2 clone tokens. When it comes into play it sends a 3 drop or less from your opponents battle area to the owners hand. "Free" removal. It's okay.

These are grouped because there isn't really anything to say about them. Nappa is a 1 drop vanilla 10k (with awesome art). Maleficent Technique Ginyu is a standard Super Combo that can be searched as it has the Frieza's Army trait.

Another Wheelo SR! Dr. Uiro, Destruction Beam is insane in it's archetype! Ramp should definitely be played with the Uiro leader, so you can get this out and inject SIX cards into your lab, bringing you much closer to the juicy 17 you need to win the game. It has deflect, so no Cold Bloodlust or Frost's Deadly Poison! The card is also a blocker that can block twice per turn!

Two more blue extra cards were also revealed. The obvious counter play Absolute Release Ball allows you to send a 3 drop or less that your opponent is playing back to hand, then untap an energy! Free counter play!

Bulma's Advice is interesting. It's a 3 cost activate main that draws you a card and buffs your leader by 5k for the duration of your and then your opponent's turn. I don't think it's good enough. I understand why it exists given less people will want to run senzu, but 3 energy is over the top. 2 would have been fine.

Now, the Green Cards.

Our last leader of the set. Another Kaio-ken Goku. Okay, the art is awesome. I love Kaio-Ken, always have, always will. Something about pushing the body so far that it almost breaks apart. I guess that's why I like UI so much too. Anyway, the leader. Son Goku draws one when it attacks a leader card, and once per turn when you activate Revive, you draw a card. Essentially it lets you activate revive without negging your hand if you drop a blue/green card. Awaken at 4 or less to untap one draw one. The awakened side, Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Turning the Tide has draw on attack, and now draw 2 when you activate revive (essentially +1 to hand if you drop a multicolour). It has a very cool activate main that allows you to choose one of your rest mode blue/green multi colour cards and essentially turn it into a deadly defender. During your opponent's next turn, they cant attack your leader unless they get rid of that card. Strong for sure.

Bulma, the Problem Solver is red/green support. If you have a R/G Multi energy, then it costs 1 from hand. When you play it you can grab a red or green extra card with a cost of 2 or less from your deck and place it in your drop and draw one card. The main reason I can see people playing this card is yet another way to get Dormant Legend in the drop area.

Yamcha, the cunning is the green version of anti untap.

Clone Token support is rife this reveal. Namekian Technique Piccolo is a standard 5k blocker that comes out for free when you sack one clone token.

Mischievous Technique Gotenks (technique technique technique bleh) draws a card on combo if you sack a clone token during your turn.

Son Goku, Prepping for Battle is similar to the above. If you sack a clone token when comboing with it it is a 10k combo.

This Whis/Beerus combo is cute. Masterful Technique Whis comes out for 2 green and pops an opponents battle card with 2 or less energy. Then, if you have a blue/green multi energy, when you play a green battle card from the drop area you draw one. That goes nicely in green wish, although we already have the healing pod for this purpose, it can stack with that. It also works with this Beerus card.

Beerus, Godly Majesty get's played from your hand when it's placed in the drop area by a battle cards skill. That's so good. This in your deck when you're playing against hand destruction, or even in some hand destruction decks where cards like Super 17, the Infernal Machine drop cards from your own hand, it's straight value. I like it a lot. Like a few of the other drop activation battle cards in this set, it can also proc it's own skill if you activate it's main, pay one green then drop another Beerus from your hand. That skill the KOs an opponent's battle card with 3 or less.

Dr. Uiro support in spades. I'm going to run through these quickly. Bio Man, Living Weapon searches the top 7 for one of the two good doctors this deck runs.

Dr Uiro, a Fiendish Scheme is one of those doctors. He's a cantrip or a negate from hand in a pinch.

Dr Kochin, the Nefarious Scientist can also be searched with Bio Man. Only one can be in your battle area at any one time. This card reduces the cost of all Frenzied Warriors by 1 in hand. It also searches the top 7 for a frenzied warrior, then plays a frenzied warrior with 2 or less energy for free. Definitely a value play.

Kishime, Living Weapon is a Frenzied Warrior that places the top card of your deck under your Lab field card. A definite 4 of with the Dr. Uiro leader.

Misokatsun, Living Weapon is another Frenzied Warrior card. It's a blocker that places a card from your top deck under your field when it activates. It also can't be KOd buy battle with a card that has an original power of 15k or less. Very good if played off the aforementioned Dr Kochin.

Oolong, while cute, is just another 1 drop 10k vanilla.

Ebifrya, Living Weapon is a supercombo that is actually notable as it can be searched in the Dr. Uiro deck.

The last four coloured extra cards of this reveal. Focused Breakthrough is the Green 1 drop counter play. It places a 3 drop or less in the drop area instead of being played.

The Android Creator is a 1 drop activate main. You can sack a Clone Token to draw a card and buff one of your battle cards by 10k for the turn. Good value for dual/triple attackers, and decent even just as a cantrip and buff.

Dr Uiro's Revival is a 3 drop green desire card. If your leader card is green, you can play a Dr. Uiro card with 4 or less from your drop area. Decent anti wish support when combined with the 3 drop SR Uiro (even in a green wish deck). Can also get those extra cards you need under your field for the win.

Rise of Dr. Uiro is the same as the Yellow Baby searcher this set. It's essentially a once per turn free top 5 searcher for a Dr. Uiro or Dr. Kochin card. It only untaps if you find one though.

Black cards up next!

Hatchhyack Support aplenty. First, Hatchhyack, Overwhelming Power comes into play when you place 3 black battle cards between 3 and 7 energy from your drop at the bottom of your deck. You then pay 4 energy to play the next card from your drop.

Hatchhyack, Fueled by Hatred is played off the above for max value. First and foremost, this card is an 8 cost in your battle area, so it get's around your leaders attack restriction. It has Dual attack, in order to make the most of that. It has an activate main skill that warps an opponents card, ignoring barrier, when you put three black battle cards from your drop to your deck. On your opponent's turn, it can negate an attackwhich makes and goes to the drop. I'm really liking this deck.

We'll start with Turles here as it is a very good card. Turles, Ghost Warrior comes out as the other ghost warriors do. It then can sack itself to warp an opponent's battle card from their drop! Shenron decks will absolutely hate this. You can even play it in non black decks if you're willing to shell out 4 energy to do so. That or wish on wish hate by playing it with world peace.

Dr. Lychee, the Departed Spirit is a blocker that sets up your ghost warriors. it can be played again from the drop to keep milling cards.

Defender Kawazu comes into play for 1 in this deck. It then mills one to draw one, and sacks itself. Probably not that useful.

Ghost Warriors is the anti untap support for Black. It's good to see black getting love with these silver bullet type cards as mono black doesn't have access to the older ones. This is searchable in the Hatchhyack deck.

Defender Godgardon is a standard black life based supercombo.

The Black Extra Cards are great in this set. Super Kamehameha is the black version of the Counter:Play cards the other colours. It's amazing in that it shoots the card to the warp if it's 3 or less, essentially removing it from the game in most cases.

Ultimate Blow is the new King Vegeta's Surprise Attack. It can be played in any colour deck, and i can see this played in a fair few. It's a 1 drop counter play that gives one of your battle cards +10k and revenge. Amazing on deadly defenders and barrier blockers!

Destron Gas is a Hatchhyack leader Activate:Battle card. It buffs the leader by 10k for the battle, and also wipes any 1 drop battle cards from your opponents field. Definitely situational, but not half bad.

Last but not least, the multicolour cards:

First of all, the art on these two cards is absolutely beautiful. I love it. These two are original multicolour combo support. If you have a multicolour energy the combo cost is reduced by one, so you can use these to arrival without tapping an energy to combo (or dropping two cards)!

Raditz, Arrival of the Invader is also an excellent card in the Raditz deck. It gives you information on your opponents hand. It allows you to mess with your opponent's plays by warping a battle card from their hand. It fuels your opponents warp for Raditz, Ruthless Adversary. On top of all that, it's a 20k crit beater. All for 4 energy. So good.

Less exciting than the former, Hit, Rapid Movement is still good for fueling arrival. It has the U6 tag which was great planning by Bandai, allowing it to be used with the Cabba leader. It's emergency removal if needed, but will likely be used for the combo effect more often.

Supreme Technique Son Goku is more Clone Token support. It's cheap arrival that, when you sack two clone tokes from your opponent's field, forces your opponent to drop a card. Great if they're attacking with a clone token and you play it on their turn. It then acts as a blocker to further protect you.

Another Blue/Green SR, Son Gohan & Piccolo, Pupil and Master. This card negs your opponents had by one when it attacks. It also has barrier so it will be annoying for your opponent to get rid of!

Aaaaand the final cards of this reveal. Son Goku, Energy Salvo & Vegeta, Energy Salvo. These cards come out during battle when you sack one of your battle cards of the colour required from your battle area. Vegeta costs 1 energy, Goku is free. Vegeta is a 10k blocker, Goku is a 15k Beater. Goku is played in rest mode, but it KO's an opponent's battle card with an energy cost of 1 or less. Vegeta is played in active mode, because blocker, then draws a card.

That's it! This took me a good couple of hours (on and off) and I'm exhausted! I may churn out another Meta Watch article this afternoon, but don't wait up, I'm not sure if i can write anymore today :D

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles! They will be adding the set 8 upon release! The Magnificent Collection is available for pre order now!

~ Sam

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