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Alien Invasion! - A fun DB4 troll deck

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Today we have a fun deck utilizing the new Draft Box 4 Alien cards courtesy of The Games Cube Parramatta local Peter Kinsley.

The Minions... I mean Moginan Underlings

Peter wanted to make a fun deck to troll at locals (this is something we tend to do a lot in NSW, Australia - I'm not sure if that's the same everywhere), and decided that the new Red Alien archetype could be a good way to do it. Let's start with the leader:

Pan is an inherently good red leader, as shown by the fact that it has been relevant ever since it was released. She also works excellently with the engine this deck runs.

12x Moginan Underling, Relentless Horde & 4x Moginan, the Savage Strongman

The Moginan Engine can flood your board with 2 drop 15k bodies that proc Pans auto for 3 energy. Now I'm going to again say this is a troll deck. This is by no means the best way to use the leaders ability, but it works.

Moginan, The Savage Strongman plays the 2 drop from deck, and because the 2 drops permanent makes it a 15k, you draw off the leader. You can activate the ability on your opponents turn also, which means guaranteed draw for 0 energy as long as this card survives. Once you have 3 Moginan Underlings on board, you start taking life at the end of your turn, so there is a timer on the deck.

4x Moginan, Alien Bonds

Moginan, Alien Bonds is a great tool for attack and defense in this deck. During battle it can buff one of your aliens by 10k, which is great for the final push, or to stop your opponent from easily clearing your board. A side note on this card, if you use a red alien leader such as Caulifla, Running Wild or Explosive Power Kefla, you can use this cards skill to buff your leader by 10k for the turn on defense!

4x Intensifying Power Trunks & 4x Chain Attack Trunks

This is standard in Mono Red Pan. IP Trunks for self awakening, and an evolve target for CA Trunks which in this deck has one main target.

4x Majin Buu, the Reincarnator

This is our main target for CA Trunks. Chain attacking into this Buu allows you to bring one of three targets into play from the drop - two of them bypass the CA 15k power restriction, along with also having Buu as an extra body. You can use this to bring out Moginan, the Savage Strongman early game, or one of the two following cards for a late game push.

3x Fearless Pan & 3x Champa, Destruction Augmented

Depending on your energy and battle card situation, you want to bring out one of these from the drop with Buu on your kill turn. Fearless pan is a good shout if you don't have any spare energy, or if you don't have many alien cards on board. Champa, Destruction Augmented is better if you managed to flood the board with Aliens, because he buffs them by an extra 5k, but you need to pay one energy and neg 2 cards from hand for the pleasure. Champa also buffs himself which is something to think about. The last thing that Champa has over Pan is that his ability can be used once per turn, so if you can't finish the opponent off, you can use the buff again next turn if you get there.

4x Sideline Assist Bulma

Not much to say about this, standard 0+10k super combo.

4x Afterimage, 2x Denial of Hope & 2x Niagra Drop

The extra card package is pretty standard with the exception of Niagra Drop. Afterimage as your counter. Denial of Hope to stop your opponents plays.

Niagra Drop is similar to Senzu bean in that it buffs one of your cards by 5k for the turn. Generally you are wanting to use this card once you hit 3 or less life to buff your leader on defense, as well as untap one energy and draw a card.

And that's the deck! Peter had a note on the build:

"You could also drop 3 of the underlings for some zenos if you like if you are loosing the game, but not sure that’s an optimal play. Also if you have too much money put some copies of the new Vegeta -20 board wipe obviously"

You can find the full decklist here:!/deck/227650

Thanks for reading, if you liked this article let us know, and we will do more like it!

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content!

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles!

~ Sam

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