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All Magnificent Collection Cards Revealed!

So soon after the first reveal, we get the complete collection revealed to us! For the first bunch of promo cards see this article.

We just got the draft box - which most players regard as the worst value sealed product in the game - and now we have a completely different story here with these Magnificent Collections. They have so many decent alt art reprints, as well as some really useful promos. Safe to say I'm chomping at the bit to get my hands on them!

Let's start with the exclusive promo cards:

First up we have some Gogeta: Br support. Son Goku, Preparing for Battle and Vegeta, Preparing for Battle.

Son Goku is a Counter: Attack that can be bounced back to hand at the end of your opponents turn if you drop a card from hand. Not the most useful effect, but it makes sense in this deck if you need the fusion piece or to keep a negate handy.

Vegeta on the other hand is a brilliant card. Drop Area retrieval for free is amazing. Being able to get a Gogeta or Veku back from your drop just by dropping this card could be game changing in some cases.

The 3rd Gogeta: BR support promo is Gogeta, a Hero's Advent. A pseudo board wipe, and a blocker. A very defensive card that could be used in Veku ramp to stall. Nothing revolutionary.

This is an interesting one. Whis, Godly Fundamentals is Beerus leader support. While it does work with the old Beerus leader, it does hint at a Red Beerus leader coming in set 8. We saw some red Beerus support in the Set 8 leak, so it's very probable. This card is really good either way. Free self awakening once it's in your drop area, plus a -5k hit on one of your opponents battle cards. Great value is an understatement.

This is a controversial card if ever there was one. Mill already gets so much hate from the community for being a "helmet" deck (not my opinion), and now all the Janemba cards gain barrier, effectively stopping any way of getting rid of the ones with deflect. That being said, the most popular build of the mill deck at the moment is "Tri Colour Janemba" which doesn't really run enough Janemba cards to warrant playing this. The good thing about Altered Reality is it also supports the lesser used CritNemba deck which, while it did get support in the draft box, needs all the help it can get.

My personal favourite card from these reveals. Anyone who knows me knows I've been trying to make Raditz work since it's release. This card may actually make it fairly viable. Your leader card warps one card per turn, plus things like Vegeta the Cruel and the SR Vegeta also warp your opponents card. That combined with any over realm your opponent may run means Raditz, Ruthless Adversary could net you a (literal) hand full of cards for one energy.

More Broly: Br chain support that encourages a G/Y build. Broly, Preparing for Battle is an alternative to Broly, Unrealized Ambition that you can use if you want to play more defensive and not self awaken. It does cost an extra (yellow) energy to go up the chain, and also stops you from continuing on from the 4 drop the turn you play it. Not sure it will see play.

This is a very interesting card that is completely new to the game in terms of skills. Paragus, the Forebearer looks like he is intended to be Arrival support for the Yellow Broly: Br leader. You combo with the card and another colour that suit's your arrival, then you play the Arrival card, and activate this cards Activate: Battle sending it to the drop (meaning you lose the 5k combo power) and drawing a card. Decent, even though it is heavily restricted.

What a fun card. If you have a yellow leader you can one of your opponents battle cards' skills for the duration of the turn. Interesting in the sense that we don't have as much skill negation during the players turn as we have during the opponents. Frieza, Spiteful Strike is good to stop a blocker or something similar that messes with you on your turn like the Broly chain.

SS Caulifla, the Hellion is essentially a way to play Brilliant Pairing Kefla for 1 energy. Not convinced this will see play as the U6 archetype is already super tight.

Demigra, Demonic Overlord is support for both Demigra and Towa decks. Although it does seem to be much more heavily geared towards Demigra unless you run a very different Towa to the current best build. This card can fuel your over realm, and put two bodies on board that also have effects. Decent, but may be too expensive to see heavy play.

This card is so pretty. Son Goten, Strong of Heart is support for the Set 7 Red Broly leader. If you have this in hand on turn 2, you can arrival on leader swing immediately, effectively removing the need for you to rush to take life to activate your field card that is on board. Strong.

This is a strange card given the objective of the Zamasu Deck. It ramps your opponent for two energy - good, but then they discard an energy after the turn. There are some situations that this could be helpful however. If your opponent is staying on 2 energy so you can't awaken (this leader awakens when your opponent has 3 or more energy), then you can play this to force their hand and awaken during the battle. Meticulous Scheming can also deal with an attacking battle card if need be.

The last of the new cards is an R/Y Baby. Super Baby 2, the Malicious Tyrant reveals a fair bit about the new set. We can see that there will now be a effect called "Brainwashed", whether that is a type of card or something you can apply to your opponents cards, is still to be revealed. This card also stops leader cards non keyword skills for the turn which could be extremely handy for leaders that have built in negates like Janemba and Frieza Prison. It also has a secondary Auto that turns it into a Quickshift combo card.

Each Magnificent Collection box will come with two of each of the above promos (and the ones from our previous article), and 5 random foil versions from the 18 card pool.

The box's will also come with a pre constructed deck. And let me tell you, these decks are actually really playable. A new player could come in to the game and get one of these and be competitice, at least at a local level. One being Broly HoM and the other Gogeta Ramp. Here are the decklists:

As you can see, there are some extremely good reprints here, and that doesn't change with the Gogeta deck:

Aren't they just gorgeous? I really hope they at least come in foil, because they will look incredible!

Can't wait for this set to come out next month!

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content!

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles! Magnificent collection will be in stock from October 27th!

~ Sam Russell

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