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An EXciting Reveal - EX14 & EX15

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

First off - a shout out to Joey Paladino for his detailed reveal of these cards on his Cross World TCG YouTube channel.

I thought I'd follow on from the reveal with my 2 cents.

This time around we are getting 2 releases EX14 & EX15. Each Expansion pack comes with 2 of each card, 3 boosters (BT10 in EX14 & BT11 in EX15) and....DICE!!!!. I'm excited for the dice more than I probably should be.

If you want playsets of each, that's 2 of each EX pack. Or you could do what most of us at the Saibamen are and buy from (shameless sponsor plug) Grand J Games.

What do the cards look like, you ask? Here. We. Go:

Expansion Set 14 -Battle Advanced-

Ultimate Shenron, Dimensional Wishmaster. This card looks like Shenron fused with an angry Reindeer. Despite this - I like it. Shenron the angry Reindeer is best run with an Earthling leader.

20k Unisons we like. Especially for 2 energy. Sure, he can't attack - but your opponent is gonna have to put in work to get this guy off the field. Assuming he makes it through your Wolf Fang Fist.

His first Activate:Main is fun. Best used with cards that will generate you hand advantage. i.e. Everybody's Pal Yamcha or Yamcha the Lawless

His second Activate:Main lets you play Vegito, Unison of Might for 3 energy. Which is great - because sure as shit nobody is playing that card for 4.

Trunks, Power to Save the Future. Designed for SS2 Trunks, Envoy of Justice and the supporting engine. Said engine focuses on revealing cards in life - if they match a certain criteria, you ramp with them.

I watched a friend play a variant of this deck earlier today. His criticism was that he can never find the cards in life to carry out their effects. This card will remedy that.

Also: he's a blocker or a combo piece.

Ginyu Force, the Showstoppers. Ginyu is a deck that I have seen little of since Set 11 released. Eclipsed by the ghost spitter: Gotenks.

Will we see a resurgence of Ginyu with this card? This fella fills any gaps you have in the roster (excluding Ginyu himself) and provided he can deal damage to your opponents leader or Unison, can play any of the 2 drop force from deck.

I missed the opportunity to play this during set 10, It's time to rectify that.

Son Goten & Trunks, Super Saiyan Tag Team gives SS Gotenks, Display of Mastery and its engine a much needed boost. This will dramatically minimize the chances of missing a fusion piece.

Ignoring Barrier and switching a battle card to rest mode is amazing. Such good value.

I feel like the Yellow Gotenks never really took off. I don't think this card will be enough to thrust it into the Meta. But it will make playing the deck more consistent and a heckuva lot more fun.

Towa, Rewriting History. Boobs and Horns.

Many decks in the UW block use the Dark Dragon Balls. I like that Towa can grab you 1 from either drop or deck.

We can bring out our Frieza:Xeno boys for 2 energy and pitching a ball, which is nice. Playing Dark Broly cards outside the Dark Broly leader is kinda cool too.

I wonder how this will interact with the Xenos we see in Set 12?

EXPANSION SET 15-Battle Enhanced-

Gogeta, Time for Payback. Here we go, Gogeta Br fans (Arnob).

This guy comes out with Union-Fusion and paves the way to bring out one of the 8 drop Gogeta Brs (SSB Gogeta, Fusion Onslaught & SSB Gogeta, Critical Combination) once you have 4 energy. Do note that this is not considered an evolve skill.

He's unique and a Blocker (if you need defence in a pinch?). He is very vulnerable though. No Barrier or Deflect and only 9k power.

Will this card #MakeGogetaGreat? Prolly not.

Vegeta, Protector of the Earth Brings out his mate SS4 Son Goku, Protector of the Earth a wee bit earlier - from Deck or hand.

He's also a 20k Blocker that restands provided he meets the auto requirements.

Hopefully this card provides the support that all you SS4 Vegeta, Ultimate Evolution lovers have been waiting for.

Majin Buu, Malice Distilled. ah, evil Buu. Look at that cheeky smile. Love ya buddy

Providing a 3rd Majin target for the Majin Vegeta leader, this card guarantees that you have the 7 drop in hand to maximize the hurt.

Just be wary of those sneaky Counter:Plays.

Garlic Jr., Immortal Avenger. Garlic Jr. is a deck we don't see enough of in my opinion. It's a lot of fun and can be very oppressive to play against.

This guy comes out for 1 Yellow energy when a Demon Clan leaves the field via skill. i.e. Overlord.

The ability to switch this guy to rest mode to KO an opponents battle card in rest is great and well needed in a deck lacking removal. The unobservant opponent will then attack him the next turn without realizing he is Indestructible.

He is also an evolve target for the 5 drop big boy. Very good card.

Mira, Dimensional Superpower is a Black unison mimicking the ability of Mira, Creator Absorbed in a unison.

His ability to send any card from hand to warp could be amazing in scenarios where you need a specific card in Warp but just can't or don't want to over-realm. Or in decks where you can easily return cards from Warp to Drop.

In a recent Deck profile I may have referred to Mira using the Pronoun "She". Clearly Mira is a "He". This is why Beer + talking decklists does not mix.

That's enough writing for today. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings.

Don't forget to check out GrandJGames for singles from DBS, Pokemon & Final Fantasy. Use the code saibamen5 for 5% off your first order!

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