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An Unlikely Alliance - 18xFrieza

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Let me start this by wishing everyone a happy new year! We have been taking a break from the DBS scene to focus on family and health, but we're back now, and our first article is a doozy!

We've been watching the set 9 reveals from the shadows, and also keeping up to date with the trends, and I can say, this combo seems like it could either be the most degenerate deck of the new format, or a total flop. Regardless, here's a deck profile of Android 18xFrieza Clan Mill.

Leader: Android 18//Dependable Sister Android 18

So the main reason for this leader is that it plays the Android 21's Scheme field card at the start of the game. It's also blue, which we need for some of the cards in the deck. This leader has better suited skills to what the deck is trying to do than the 21 leader.

1x Android 21's Scheme

The aforementioned field card, Android 21's Scheme, is the cornerstone of making this deck mill better than the Frieza/Cooler leaders. It spawns tokens on your opponent's field that can be negged by your cards to force your opponent to mill. One of the main issues people have with the Frieza Clan mill archetype is that your opponent can play around it by using their battle cards wisely and not playing into your trap. It also has the summoning sickness effect which is excellent to help you keep yourself alive until you can say "mill 20 plz". Now the issue is if this is removed you really need to push it to get the W.

3x Frieza, overture to Battle, 2x Evolutionary Process Frieza, 4x Frieza, Storm of Blows

The OG Frieza swap chain is included as one option to make your way to your big Frieza. Overture to Battle is a great way to reduce Storm of Blows to 2 energy by swapping into the 2 drop then up to 3. However, it's no longer the best way to get the 3 drop out. The best 2 energy swap target is now:

4x Frieza, Mutable Menace

Frieza, Mutable Menace can be played for 1 using the swap engine, and can go straight to storm of blows for another energy the same way the other 2 drop does. The upside with this card over Evolutionary Process is that once you get the 3 drop out, you can pay one blue energy (rather than two red) to bring out the 5 drop.

4x Full-Power Frieza, 100% Overdrive

The final step of the swap chain, Full-Power Frieza, 100% Overdrive is our main wincon. On top of being a 30k triple striker, he also negs all your opponent's battle cards (read: tokens) by 30k, and forces your opponent to mill 2 for every card that is negged. Insane. Having this card on the field also activates a few of our other cards, but we'll get to that a bit later. First, our final way of cheating this guy out:

4x Frieza, No Introductions

Frieza, No Introductions is a 4 cost Counter:Attack that is reduced to 2 cost on your opponents turn. It comes out and then on your turn can be used to tap 3 energy and play the 5 drop on top. Obviously not the cheapest route, but it's less combo centric than the other options, so easier to pull off if you don't have a perfect hand.

2x Hercule and Majin Buu, Friends Forever & 3x Cooler, Tyrannical Assault

Once your big boi Frieza is out on the field, these can be played (ideally on defence) to force more mill and also net you draw. Hercule and Majin Buu arrivals for 1 blue energy. When it comes in you draw one card, then you choose one of your opponent's battle cards to neg by 10k, which procs Frieza's skill to mill 2. You can then use it's skill to send another card back to your hand if you want to reuse it. Cooler is similar to this, but it mills 1 on play and also negs two battle cards (ignoring barrier!) by 10k, potentially milling another 4 if frieza is on board. Hella mill!

2x Frieza, Unending Onslaught

This is an interesting card to be sure. You can activate battle for 1 blue to return a frienza clan card to hand, potentially picking up the card that is being attacked, then play this card. When you play the card you can drop a card from hand to retrieve a Frieza Clan from drop.

4x Mecha Frieza, Energy Blight

This is the energy exhaust free card for Red/Blue. It can also be played for 2 to neg an opponents card by 5k if you need an extra mill for game. If you happen to have an Overture to Battle in hand you can swap into it for one. If played, this card is a good target for Hercule and Buu or Unending Onslaught to send to hand.

1x Janemba, Agent of Destruction

Added as a precautionary measure to mill an extra 3 cards and also provide crit pressure.

4x Beerus, Divine Obliterator, 1x Unyielding Spirit Trunks & 4x Senzu Bean

We are using Beerus as our supercombo as it allows free arrival on your opponent's turn (not only is it 0 cost to combo, it untaps a red/blue multi energy) which is insane. It's also active right from the get go. Our untap package includes 1x Unyeilding Spirit Trunks which is an auto include in most blue decks. Another auto include is 4x Senzu Beans.

2x Toppo, Righteous Aid & 4x Dimension Magic

Our other two counters are Toppo, Righteous Aid - which is an amazing card, one of, if not the best counter in the game right now - and Dimension Magic for obvious reasons.

1x New Model Scouter

Our final card is a 1 of. New Model Scouter nets a potential 2 cards for 1 energy (+1), and helps find your big hitters like Cooler and 100% Frieza. It can also grab the Frieza counter if need be.

That's the deck! There will likely be an SCR that fits in here, so that is something to think about.

I hope you enjoyed our first article of the new year! We'll be back soon with more content!

View the decklist here!!/deck/261290

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles!

~ Sam Russell

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