Anniversary Box Cards Revealed - What's Good? What's Not?

G'day guys! It's been a while since my last article. You've probably noticed I've been focusing more on video content over the last few weeks, but that doesn't been these will stop, just be more infrequent.

So Bandai dropped all of the Anniversary Box 2020 card reveals today, and there are some monsters! I'll go through each archetype by colour, and give some decklist suggestions here and there as well. Let's start with the biggest archetype of the lot, Agents of Destruction.

Babidi, Leader of the Agents of Destruction//Majin Buu, Leader of the Agents of Destruction (wordy AF!) is the new Agents of Destruction archetype leader, and it really works nicely with all the new cards. It has the built in permanent to make all AoD cards have no specified cost, so you don't need to play the 1 drop Babidi anymore. When he attacks, you can choose to self awaken and then look at the top 5 cards for an AoD card to add to hand. Really solid front side. He awakens at 4 as standard.

Once awakend, You can play a 2 cost AoD from hand for free each turn, which is already solid. Youcan also pay 3 to play your AoD unison with 3 counters instead of having to pay the 4 specified cost, which colour fixes the unison and also makes it cheaper. The downside is the leader doesn't have any draw built in. Luckily his support has a lot of AoD search.

Turles is exactly what the back side of the leader needs, adding the front sides auto to a battle card that you can play for free, essentially keeping that skill. He also has barrier so it's somewhat harder to remove... who am I kidding, barrier means next to nothing now.

Another Slug card! I immediately got excited when I saw this as I've been playing a lot of Slug lately. Thing is it's a bit of a trap. It's not bad, it's just very niche. This card takes up a Super Combo slot in your deck (a very interesting way of bandai nerfing the card - I don't hate it), so you don't want to be running 4. It forces your opponent to discard two cards if they use a counter play. Thing is, it isn't an added cost, and in slug, your opponent generally doesn't have many cards in hand, so they can potentially get away with counter playing and not being penalised, making this card useless (in that situation). I think Vegeta and 18 SCs are better. In AoD however, this is great. It comes out for free and annoys the shit out of your opponent.

Broly immediately makes me think of being able to add the Broly Agent SCR to hand if it finds it's way to the drop area. That is the most valuable thing about this card. He can also be played for 3 (or with the Buu SCR) to KO a 5 cost and look at the top 3 cards of your deck for a card you fancy then dump the rest. Not bad, but the Activate: Main is where it's at.

Android 13 is an excellent counter play. It can stop a 3 drop from being played while also playing itself and forcing a discard. All for 2 energy. When he's played, you can shuggle 3 AoD or Evil Wizard cards from your drop to your deck. This can also be done on your turn if you just play it normally using your leader or with energy. The thing to remember about the auto is that it can shuffle the Buu SCR back into the deck if you burst it etc, so this is a great utility to have in your AoD deck, even without the new leader.

Garlic Jr is finally in the game! Okay it's just the AoD version, but at least it's something!

This guy is a two cost negate that plays himself. When you play him you can play another 2 cost AoD from your deck with it's skills negated for the turn. Great to play for free withe the leader so you have 2 15k attacks for 0 energy, or on defense.

Hatchyyack is a decent 3 drop for the Hatch deck, able to warp a battle card and also mess with your opponent's drop. The real value however is in the Activate: Main which allowes you to play a 1 cost Babidi from your deck or drop area. The excites me greatly. You can use this card to play the 1 drop black Babidi that plays a 2 drop Buu from the drop. Just another way to get your chain going!

Now this is what Slug is excited about! A 4 cost unison with Double Strike and Critical, tat can also wipe the opponents board on play, and force your opponent to discard 3! You can play this for 5, attack with a DS Crit, then force the hand destruction. So strong. This is insane, and with the AoD leader it can be played for just 3 energy!

The final part of the AoD archetype (okay there is the Janemba stuff unison, but I think that fits in with the Janemba archetype better so I'll talk about that later) is The Agents of Destruction Strike Back, a 1 cost extra card that has no specified cost with the AoD leader. It allows you to look a tthe top two cards of your deck and take up to two AoD cards and if you did, allows you to also take one life if you're feeling frisky. Take it or leave it.