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Attack of the Clones... Android 21

Evening all. Another day, another release. Bandai are definitely keeping us on our toes!

Our first Blue leader from the core set. We have BT8-24 Android 21/Android 21, Malevolence Unbound.

I kinda like her.... I mean, she was terrible in DB FighterZ. But here - she seems fun. Removing a clone token from your opponents trigger this gal's Main - Draw 1, then bounce an opponents 1 drop back to hand. Then, at the start of your opponents main phase - re-stand a U/G energy. Not too shabby. Provided you can keep those clones on board.

On awaken, 21's art becomes amazing. Unfortunately, her leader ability remains exactly the same.

Android 21 comes into play with a Field card BT8-041 Android 21's Scheme. The little schemer prevents the turn players first played battle card (unless it's a token) from being able to attack for the remainder of the turn. Not only that, but any Black battle card you play goes straight to drop.

As a little reward for all these limitations, you play 2 x 10k clone tokens in your opponents battle area at the start of their main phase.

Since the tokens have no combo power, keeping them on board through your opponents turn is a sinch. Then this little chestnut hits the board. BT8-055 Android 21, a Brilliant Idea. Her Auto to play Clone tokens at the end of your opponents turn ensures you have a valid target in place for your leader to activate main. Not only that - her activate main lets you sack a clone to kill one of your opponents battle cards or give any of your battle or leader cards + 10k and Crit for the turn.

Ah, Cell. He holds a special place in a lot of peoples hearts. I can't imagine many of them are too happy to be seeing him in Blue. The card itself BT8 -038 Maleficient Technique Cell - activate main to kill 3 clones and play him for free. 15k Crit. Doesn't excite me much.

BT08-029 Supreme Technique Vegeta. A 2 drop 10k that activates main to give himself 10k and Double Strike for the rest of the turn. I wonder if Android 21's brilliant idea is to give this fella 10k and Crit? a 30k DS Crit is very good. Provided you have the clones to sustain it.

Saving the best 'til last... BT8-122 Android 21, Violent Predator. Violent and Predatory is right. Deflect + Board wipe. Ouch. She's 25k and Triple Attack too. At a high cost of 8 energy, 5 of which is specified, I have no doubt we will see cards to get this girl out for cheap.

Don't even talk to me about Ramp.

In other news. I can't wait to see the SPR.

So, An interesting leader. Will it be good? too soon to tell I reckon. She does bring us the summoning sickness mechanic, Clone Tokens are fun and the SR could be insane. Let's take another look once the full release is out.

That's it for tonight. Another leader down. What will we see tomorrow? I really hope it's Turles with a tree of might field card.

See ya.

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles! They will be adding Set 8 upon release!


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