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Hit Me Baby One More Time - Set 8 Baby cards revealed

These reveals are coming thick and fast and my brain is fried from writing all these articles, but I'm going to push through it! Today, some more of the new Baby cards were revealed, so let's get into it!

Super Baby 1 is our first Yellow leader from set 8. He can self awaken as we are used to with baby, but this time, he takes 2 life in order to search the top 3 cards for a Baby or Brainwashed card. That's a potential +3 on your opening turn which isn't something to turn your nose up at. He is a draw 2 awaken - the name of the game here is hand size, because on his awakened side he doesn't draw.

Super Baby 2, Awakened Malevolence... 10k. I don't think this leaders skills can make up for the lack of power on the awakened side. You can play a "Brainwashed" card (we have one of these to preview later in the article) for free once per turn, and when your opponents leader card's power is reduced to 0 or less (yes leaders can have negative power) then it gains triple attack. This archetype has a few ways to reduce leader cards power, so it isn't hard to pull off. Do you really want a triple attack 10k though? I mean even if their leader is debuffed hard, I'd rather have the dual attack and draw of the other yellow baby leader. I personally think the starter deck leader is a better choice if you want to play with the yellow baby cards.

Here is the aforementioned Brainwashed card that was revealed. Son Goten, Brainwashed is a 10k beater that brings out another brainwashed card from your drop if it's KO'd. Now I get where they're going with this deck, you have a bunch of 10k beaters, and swing with them all once you've debuffed the opponents leader. It does have potential, but I don't think it's as good as the red baby archetype we already have.

Baby, Evil Origins is a 1 drop deck filter. If you have a yellow Baby leader and a multicolour energy (lot's of restrictions) you draw 3 and drop 2. Great for fixing a bricked hand.

This card could be great. Super Baby 1, All-Consuming Terror comes in for 1 yellow via Arrival. It then can bring out the Baby SR for 1 red 1 yellow if you put 4 Brainwashed cards from your drop underneath it. Cool, that's another way to get that SR out, which is strong. Though I'm more interested in the fact that it's a 4 drop red Baby that can come out for 1 energy (if it was a red energy it would be even better). You can evolve the Power Booster baby onto this card in order to bring out the set 4 ape. We already have a decent way of getting that big boi out, but it's nice to have variety. I saw someone mention also that you could use this and the ape in the Bulma deck to have a 30k triple strike blocker. Not too shabby!

This deck is obviously all about negging your opponents leader into oblivion and then beating them to death. The SR mentioned above comes out, and you can neg your opponents leader by 20k, then you evolve into this, and neg them by a further 5k. Your opponent better have negates, because without them, it would be hard for your opponent to survive a 30k double strike.

So that was the last card of today's reveal. I have to say, at the start of the article I was really down on the leader, but now I think it's okay. Funny how that happens. I do still like the starter deck Baby better, but being able to play 10ks for free is fun given this decks other tools.

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content!

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles! They will be adding Set 8 upon release!

~ Sam Russell

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