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Baby Blue: Overlord of Counters - Set 11 Reveals #9

Bandai has given us some more Blue love - this time with commons. Note that the (amazing) "Blutz Wave Generator" and (actually amazing) "Planet Tuffle" Extra cards were covered in an earlier article:

Cards - let's go!

First - the Babies. These cards are cheap to play if using the Blue Baby leader and the Planet Tuffle field card. There is no clear evolve path for these guys as yet. Let's see what todays reveals bring.

I love how mischievous Baby looks in his parasite form. A Counter:Attack. Baby, Successor of the Tuffle King has an auto that allows us to swap a bottom-decked card with a mono-blue Counter skill for any card in hand.

Baby, the Body Snatcher. Assuming that you are using this with Planet Tuffle in play, this guy is a free Counter:Attack. Energy reduced by 1 for Tuffle and the ability to re stand a mono-blue energy as part of the Counter sequence.

He also has Overlord. Which we will see more of with the Baby cards that follow.

Baby, Diabolic Parasite. Another card that is super-cheap with Planet Tuffle in play. Like the card above, this guy re stands a mono blue energy as part of the Counter:Play sequence - essentially 1 energy for a 19k body with Overlord.

Being able to Counter:Play a battle card with 4 or less and send it to your opponents bottom deck is lovely. Doing this for 1 energy? Bloody insane!

When 4 becoooommmeeessss 2 (energy). Baby, Artificial Lifeform is a Counter:Counter which doesn't stop the counter... But he does bottom-deck an opponents Battle Card on play. Note that this card, unlike the 2 above, requires a mono-blue leader to re stand an energy.

The Scientist, the Skill-less, a Goku:GT Super Combo and a little something Extra.

Dr. Myuu, Creator of the Machine Mutants. Your friendly neighborhood mad scientist (without the Scientist trait). From what we have seen in the reveals so far - the majority of cards in deck will have the Counter skill. Which is good - less chance to whiff on a top-3 search. It also lets you arrange the remnant at bottom deck in whichever manner you like.

Not having the Counter skill himself, Myuu is not searchable with many of the cards in deck.

Mr. Buu and Uub. These guys are gonna be damn sexy in foil.

A Saiyan Super combo is always good. particularly for decks needing X amount of Saiyans in drop or allow you to search for Saiyans.

Son Goku, Shadow Dragon Suppressor is a Super Combo that allows you to draw a card at 4 life or less.

Final Shine Attack - Imagine if this only required 1 specified energy... this would be busted.

Fortunately for the health of the game, that is not the case. A Counter:Attack that allows you to discard 1 to draw 2.

Given the amount of counter power this deck has, I don't feel like this is an amazing option. I'm sure we will see some draw apes in deck to boost draw power (if needed).

Thanks for reading. Please do comment, share your thoughts and pull me up on anything I may have missed.

~ Ché

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