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Baby's got a bad case of the Blues - Set 11 Reveals #7

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Blue Baby leader, Black SS4 Gohan leader and Piccolo unison? It's been a crazy 24 hours worth of reveals!

On to the cards!

First off - Baby. Comes complete with his very own "Planet Tuffle" field card (we will get to that in a moment).

Un-awakened (sleepy baby, isn't it cute?): Draw on swing, Awakens at 4 life, re-standing 2 Energy.

Awakened (stop crying you little F*cker): Awakened baby has a lot going on, he's an Overlord, draws on swing and has a (once per turn) activate:main that let's you search top-3 for a card with the Counter skill, placing the remainder at the bottom of your deck along with 1 card from your hand. Seems like an expensive ability, but could set up for some sneaky bottom deck plays.

Planet Tuffle: This card is crazy. As long as your leader is a Blue Baby and all your energy is mono-blue ALL of your blue counters with an energy cost of 5 are 1 energy cheaper. Also comes with a once per-turn self awaken that lets you bottom deck a card. Holy broken Mafubas Batman.

Counters, you say? One energy cheaper, you say? Have some more! Each of the cards below I am assuming are in play with the blue daddy Baby and Planet Tuffle.

The Servants

Son Gohan, Baby's Minion: Blues Toppo - he doesn't require you to drop a card and forces your opponent to bottom deck a card each time they attack. Servant working nicely with the leader ability and giving you a 25k beater on your turn.

Bulla, Baby's Minion: You mess with the Bull(a), you get the Horns(a). a cheap counter play body that becomes a 15k Servant beater on your turn.

Vegeta, Ready to Rumble and ready to ruin your opponents energy. I know I wouldn't be attacking in a hurry. Oh, and he's also a 20k Blocker

Well, who's a big rampy boy with an exceptionally prominent forehead? it's SS4 Vegeta, Rise of the Super Warrior. No Temp-ramp with this fella. Coming in at a cost of 6 specified Blue energy, this card rewards a mono-Blue build by letting you choose a mix of ramp, add to hand or bottom deck - depending on the situation. he's also a 30k Blocker. If that wasn't enough.

Will we see Beerus, God of Destruction Returns (BT9-106) finally return triumphant?

Bulma, wife of the Prince: & Super Blutz Wave Generator: Hmmmm. I'm trying to think of a reason to use these cards. Even with the leader it's designed around. I mean, a field and an extra card for 1 energy is nice and you draw a card. But I feel like there are a lot more efficient ways to self-awaken.

Babys on Board

Baby, the Saiyan Slayer: Not only does this bad boy Counter an attack (or Counter:Counter to play on your turn), he's a 20k Double Strike. Remember all the bottom deck shenanigans we have been doing? this comes in to play with Babys Activate Main: to play a card providing it's <= your current energy.

Baby, Golden Avenger: With a specified cost of 5 Blue energy, we won't be getting Unique Triple Striker out for cheap with Planet Tuffle. However, if you have 5 (or more) energy, just bring him out for free with the card described above. Counter:Counter and Counter:Play give this guy a lot of (expensive) options. Also: removal and draw on play.

Gohan and Piccolo: United we stand

Un-awakened: Gohan has a once per game ability to search deck for "Piccolo, Savior From the Beyond". He Bursts 3 on swing and draws. Gohan awakens at 4 life - drawing 1 and re-standing 1 energy

Awakened: On swing - Gohan draws 1 and sends 3 cards back from warp to drop. What makes this leader interesting is the once per turn Auto that lets you choose whether to give the leader + 5k power and either Critical OR Double Strike when activating Overrealm. Shenanigans to be had with this one

Piccolo, Savior From the Beyond: I love a turn 1 unison! Also: Piccolo is my OG favorite. His abilities revolve around discarding cards, in some cases drawing cards and his -3 let's you send cards from your opponents drop to Warp.

Sadly, his Permanent for +5k power per 2 markers is only on your turn. Leaving him a little squishy on your opponents turn.

Sorry, you mentioned you would like some more Black cards with 30k power?

SS4 Bardock, Combat Instincts: I'm loving the Black specified cost. 3 Energy and Overrealm 6 Bring this Dual Attacker out to play, warping 2 cards from your opponents hand in the process.

SS4 Son Goku, Conqueror of Evil: Xeno-Evolve on a Son Goku: Xeno for 5 energy (3 specified Black). Warps an opponents card when he arrives and becomes a Triple Attacking Double Striker. If your opponent makes it through that onslaught, he also has a once per turn ability to counter an attack (at the cost of 1 card from hand).

Dark Broly, Uncontrollable Berserker: Some of my favorite art this set is on Dark Broly. This Monster plays from Drop by sending 6 cards from drop to warp. He's Unique and warps an opponents battle card on play.

Garlic, Eis and Piccolo. Oh my!

Garlic Jr, Overlord of the Dead Zone: I cannot wait to get my hands on some Garlic! this card looks amazing. Unique, Indestructible and Critical? Yes Please. 1 Yellow energy to Ex-Evolve? okay then. Oh, you have Overlord as well? Cool, that's it, right? Sorry, you can play demon clan cards from bottom deck? sure -I'll just be in the corner crying if you need me.

Eis Shenron, the Cryomance: The Shadow Dragons keep coming. Eis let's you play any of your 1 drop shadow dragons from deck (skills negated) as an Activate:Main for 1 energy. Also adds some counter-play versatility to the Shadow Dragon engine, if a little on the expensive side.

Piccolo, Demonic Transformation: Being able to negative your opponents battle card skills on play is always nice, even if it's limited to cards costing 4 energy or less. Costs 2 on your opponents turn.

What are you excited for? Love Gohan? Adore Baby? sound off in the comments.

Until next time,


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