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Back, and better than ever - Beerus Set 8 cards revealed!

Surprise! We got another reveal the past weekend! Some more Set 8 cards have been posted on the Bandai Facebook page! Let's get straight into it!

Set 1 Beerus is regarded as one of the worst leaders in the game (which is why it's being reworked in Set 9). This new Beerus however is just the opposite. On his unawakened side, he can drop 1 red or yellow card to draw 2 cards from your deck. Great effect, it's one of the reasons Hirudegarn is such a good leader (although he gets to draw 3 depending on what he drops). This is an Activate:Main effect, which in itself makes it great. Not having to attack to draw can be amazing depending on your matchup. He has the untap 2 awaken which is also very good.

Beerus, Furious Strike, the awakened side of this leader has its positives and negatives. It doesn't draw, which is a big con, but remember when Towa was revealed and everyone said it was bad? Look what happened with that. That's really the only downside. The Activate effects it boasts are very strong. For one red and one yellow energy, you can use your Activate:Main skill to downright KO any of your opponents battle card without barrier which is amazing. The other skill is what I'm most excited about however. Once per turn you can Activate: Battle (yes that means on your opponents turn) and combo with a red/yellow battle card from the drop for free. That is insane. A free 10k on attack/defense, plus the ability to use Arrival without losing any other cards in your hand. You can use this to combo on any card too, not just your leader!

Beerus, Biding His Time is another really good card. If you have a Red/Yellow multicolour card in energy, this comes down for 1 red. A 15k Crit body for 1 red is crazy good. You can only have one on the field at a time though. The first thing that springs to mind with this one is Red/Yellow Masked Saiyan. It will be used.

They are really hitting it out of the park with this reveal, all these cards are great! SS3 Goku, One Hit Wonder is a free 15k beater when one of your opponents battle cards power is decreased. Think about that for a second. Pan has so many ways to play battle cards on the opponents turn, and this is another one! You can use Afterimage or Is That All You've Got? to stop an attack, remove or neg something on your opponents board, and now also play this card and draw one! So much value! If that wasn't enough, this card also acts as removal/neg from the drop area. During battle you can pay 1 red energy and send the card from your drop to your warp to neg an opponents battle card by 5k.

I can't wait for this! Whis, the Spectator is the Red/Yellow version of the Energy Exhaust negating battle cards. It also has a decent skill, negating the skills of one of your opponent's battle cards when played.

Beerus, No Holds Barred is another entry to the ever expanding list of crazy good Arrival battle cards. Coming in for one red and one yellow energy, it can either KO a battle card with 30000 or less power (holy wow that will be good to get rid of finishers), or stop your opponent from untapping a battle card or their leader during their next charge phase. This has to be one of the best arrival cards yet, even though it costs more than one energy to play. Be ready to see this in any red/yellow deck (RY Apes FTW).

That's it! Only a small reveal today. As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content!

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles! They will be adding Set 8 upon release!

~ Sam Russell

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