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Back in Black - Another DB5 Reveal

So soon after our last draft box article comes the third reveal overview. This time we are seeing a lot of black cards for many different universes, as well as a spattering of other colours. Let's go through them a Universe at a time as we did in our other articles.

If you aren't seeing a card here that you want to read about, chances are it's in one of our previous articles: 1st Reveal; 2nd Reveal

Now let's begin with Universe 3 - This universe has a lot of cards in this reveal as black is now it's main colour. The other universes have black as support.

Universe 3

Okay, so these cards have been issued an errata already. The errata for all four cards is as follows:

Before: [Permanent] When this card is placed in a Drop Area from a Battle Area or Combo Area, it is placed at the bottom of its owner's deck instead.

After: [Permanent] When this card is removed from a Battle Area or Combo Area, it is placed at the bottom of its owner's deck instead.

The above avoids any crazy chain shenadigans. These cards are still decent however, each one bringing out itself from the drop by warping a battle card with the same cost. The higher the cost, the better the threat.

Katopesla is finally getting some cards that are actually somewhat playable. This is a traditional evolve chain. The 1 drop is a u3 searcher, which can be evolved into the 4 drop for 1 energy, netting you a 15k dual attacker that rests energy on the opponents turn for an extra 1. You can then evolve into the 5 drop for 2, which is a 25k DS Crit that draws a card and warps an opponents battle card. Katopesla, Envoy of Justice is a beastly 30k DS Crit with Dual Attack. It can evolve on the 5 drop that has already attacked and attack two more times. All in all this is quite a good chain if you manage to find the pieces.

The support suite for U3 is interesting, a wide range of skills are shown. I'll go through a few of the standouts.

Bionic Battler Bollarator is a 2 drop counter attack that negates and plays a 15k beater. It also warps a 1 cost from your opponents field. Not bad for draft, but I can't really see it being played in constructed.

Koitsukai, Mechanical Courage is an amazingly versatile "silver bullet" style card that discourages your opponent from playing cards on your turn, making them think twice about hitting you with that Vegeta the Cruel or Toppo Righteous Aide. This will be a definite sideboard card in constructed.

Paparoni, Brilliant Inventor is a card you will try to keep on board, netting you a draw once per turn when your opponent activates a counter card. It's cool that they are bringing out all this new tech, but this is one card I don't see being that popular outside of draft.

Universe 6

Okay, I'm going to start this one off by saying I have no real affinity towards U6. I only really like Hit. I know they are heavily loved by others though and that's fair enough. If I miss any key interations with these cards, forgive me.

I'll go through a couple of cards that stand out to me.

Caulifla, Saiyan Invalidation is a 2 cost counter attack that plays a 15k body and rests one of your opponents 3 cost or less battle cards. A good way to get a body on board for Union, but otherwise too expensive for what it does. Cards like this are good in draft however.

Kale, the Mischievous is another way to tap down energy, which the U6 deck loves. It's 3 cost though and as there is already a 2 drop Caulifla that does the same thing (at the expense of a life), I don't think this will see much play.

Hit, the Revoker is a very interesting counter play. It doesn't affect the card being played at allm it just comes into play and taps 2 of your opponents energy down in the process. this could be really good to shut down plays on your opponents turn, especially when they try to bait out counter plays with baby cards before they go into their boss monsters.

Universe 7

It wouldn't be a card reveal without some universe 7 love. This time without Goku which is unusual!

Shin, Noble Supremacy is a great addition to the sideboard toolbo. This card costs 1 energy and replaces itself. If you have 3 energy it has the additional benefit of stopping your opponent from attacking with cards that cost 7 or more for their turn. Shin shuts down big boss monsters for 1 energy which is straight value.

Enraged Eminance Vegeta comes out for 3 energy and cycles cards from drop to deck. It's then a Dual Attack Crit 20k for the turn. Not bad for Anti-Mill, but it's not amazing either.

Universe 9

Universe 9 is an archetype that I'm very excited about. While I don't have any real affinity to these characters either, I find the concept of locking your opponent out of the game very amusing. First, the doggies.

Basil, the Impervious and Venemous Fist Lavender focus on switching your opponent's energy to rest mode, which works really nicely with the ToP u9 set. These skills also enable you to play Bergamo, Furious Roar for 2 energy, which allows you to rest more cards on play. Quite the combo.

Lavender, Universe 9 Agent is super cheap removal at the cost of dropping a card from hand. Could be extremely useful in and out of draft.

Oh you thought we were done with U9? Nope, there's more... a lot more. That being said, I'll only touh on a few of these cards.

Roh, Brash Supremacy is an amazing card that your opponent will want gone yesterday. When he attacks you card rest one of your opponents cards. That's pretty impressive, especially paired with a card like Towa, Dark Rejuvinator which would allow you to rest two of their battle cards!

Sorrel, the Cottontailed Warrior is a 1 drop blocker that allows you to rest an opponents energy when you activate blocker by tapping one of your own energy. Definitely an interesting card, but will it see play? I'm not too sure.

Chappil the Iron Drake sits on board and allows you to tap one of your opponents energy once a turn when they attack. It will act as a wall that your opponent has to remove lest they be violated by his "might".

I have to say, playing against this deck will be frustrating.

Universe 11

It wouldn't be the Tournament of Power without our swole boy and his cronies. Jiren just keeps getting better with these new releases.

Jiren, Army of One is a new style of card with an old pain in the ass skill (Quad Strike). If he is the only card left in your hand at the start of your turn (and your opponent has 4 or more energy), then you can play him for FREE. Quad Strike Dual Attack is pretty insane, but you really have to weigh that up against the fact that you need to drop your whole hand to play him. Situationally good for sure. Some players initially thought that you had top deck this guy with no cards in hand in order for his auto to go off. That is incorrect. He needs to be in your hand at the start of your charge phase which is before you draw.

Jiren, Survival of the Fittest is quite possibly my favourite card of this reveal. This guy straight shuts down Gogeta 7 like it's nothing. Counter play for 2 energy that stops your opponent making you put cards back into your deck. Funily enough this also cucks Chain Zenoh (which isnt really a thing anymore) by forcing your opponent to fulfil the shuffle and draw while you just +5. This is a sideboard card in any meta that has the potential to involve Gogeta 7.

Khai, Righteous Supremity is another energy tapping 1 drop - these will be a pain if paired together.

Extra Cards

They are going ham on extras this draft box, and you won't hear me complaining. The more options the better!

Not Even a Scratch is an awesome counter attack that also nets you a draw from drop for 1 if you need it.

Universe 3 Assemble is a great card in black. Imagine reviving two Bibidi super combos for defense!

I'll let you make your own judgements on the others. Some are good, some are less so.

That's the reveal guys! Hope you enjoyed the article! I'm going to go and theorycraft a doggies deck now if you'll excuse me!

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles!

~ Sam Russell

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