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Bae is back and sparkling - Set 10 Reveals #15

I love when Bandai reveals cards early. It's not even 6pm in my local timezone which is great, generally the cards come out around midnight. Today's reveals are the SRs of set 10, and they round out this weeks Black reveals!

Our first ever Towa SR is looking stylish. I'm loving the colour combos in this card art. Towa, Twisted Sister is a one cost counter play that allows you to shuffle 1 card from your opponent's drop into their deck and also draw a card. The effect also works when she is played normally, which gives options, and I love that. This card is so strong in that it allows you to shuffle a card, not just a battle card. It would be fun to put people's dragon balls back in their deck if wish was still a thing! Regardless, this card pairs nicely with the counter attack we saw earlier in the week, really putting a stop to drop shenanigans like Buu and Saiyan Instincs/Ribrianne.

This could also be a pain in tha ass for Broly players given that she can shuffle Dormant Legend back into their deck. So much fun!

The second of only two SRs revealed today is a character that I've seen a lot of hype about, while not actually having any interest myself. Mechikabura, the Broken Seal is a 2 cost utility that has one of the most specific and interesting Autos I've seen in this game to date. When he comes into play, you can declare a character name and energy cost, and your opponent can't play cards that match until the end of their next turn. Now declaring something specific that isn't on a card anywhere is new to this game, and my first question about that is; do we get to write notes now? Because that is the only way I can see this being fair. I can see less than honest players exploiting it.

Mechikabura then has an Activate: Main that allows you to add one Dark Dragon Ball card from your deck to your hand. I'm thinking these balls (other than the green one we've already seen) will be red, as we know that Syn Shenron will be red in this set. Wish is coming back, so maybe that Towa troll I mentioned above can actually come to fruition!

As much as I'm indifferent to the character, this card seems excellent, especially if you have good knowledge of your opponent's deck and potential wincons. I like it a lot.

As well as the SRs, we also got a look at the Special Pack (now called premium pack). We haven't seen one for a fair while, and personally I'm happy to have one pop up again.

The Rise of the Unison Warrior Premium pack set comes with two of the Towa, Dark Sorceress promo cards compared to one of the promo like previous packs. That, on top of the fact that both of the promos will be foil, makes them easier to get which is nice. Towa can EX-Evolve on to any Towa card with a cost of 2 or more (except itself) for one energy. She then has an auto that allows you to draw a card, then shuffle up to 4 battle cards from your opponent's drop to their deck, continuing the theme we've seen with a lot of the new black cards. This is a great support card if you play another Towa, but the need to EX evolve means it likely. won't be widely used in sideboards etc.

Finally, Bandai have revealed the decklist for the Saiyan Wonder (Black) starter deck:

Looks like a great start for any new player, especially with FDC making an appearance.

That's it for today's article! We'll be back next week with another colour!

~ Sam Russell

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

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