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Bandai: Buu needs A Buff - Set 10 Reveals #13

One day closer to the weekend everyone! Today brings us the set 10 black rares, and man are there some doozies! Trunks wanted to be inside his daddy again for this reveal, so let's start with that.

The 6 drop we knew was coming is Vegeks, Spacetime Synthesis. He is a 25k Double Striker that represents decent value in this Vegeks package. If you remember Monday's reveal you'll note that we didn't really have a good reason to play the new Vegeta: Xeno, but assumed that there would be one. Well this is it.

When you over realm the Trunks: Xeno, he brings the Vegeta out from your deck, then after you attack with Trunks you can use Vegeta to send both cards to your warp and draw a card. This engine provides nice deck filtering while also keeping your hand size up. You can then tap 3 to Union-Potara using the cards you sent to the warp and play this guy. When he's played he lets you grab a 4 cost or less battle card from warp, meaning after the combo you still have the same hand size, which is nice. Once you're done with this bloke you can Xeno evolve into the 7 drop Vegeks.

The Vegeta/Trunks combo is nice if you don't have your pieces, but if you do, it's cheaper to just Union using pieces that are already in your warp as Trunks costs 1 to over realm.

Masked Saiyan is back with more removal. This guy is not dissimilar to the OG Masked Saiyan from the first Over Realm expansion set. He warps battle cards that add up to a total energy cost of 6 or less, one more than the first masked saiyan. He's also free, whereas the first one costs 1. He does have a downside though. Secret Identity Masked Saiyan doesn't have Double Strike like his namesake. Honestly free removal is good, but this isn't anything revolutionary, so I can't see it being used that widely. The problem with over realm as side board tech these days is that we now have so many cards that activate from and need the drop area.

Oh oh here we go. Majin Buu, Wickedness Incarnate is mono black support at it's finest. This guy works in any deck that only has black energy and a black leader, but it is clearly meant to support Bibidi Buu. This guy can be sent from the drop area to your warp by paying one energy, and he allows you to discard a card to draw two cards at the end of your turn. Now with the leader Permanent, that means you can draw 5, discard one, then draw 2. Effectively bringing your hand size to 6 at the end of turn instead of 5, and also allowing you to filter your deck even more. As a Majin Buu player myself, I am extremely excited for this card. It makes a deck that is very good even better! I thought I was done with Buu competitively after winning regionals with it, but now I think I might have to go back to it more seriously!

The final card of today's reveal is Burning Impact. This card is a great side board tech style card that allows you to shuffle two battle cards from your opponent's drop to their deck when they attack. It's also free if you have a Unison card in play, with no other restrictions, which is crazy good. It doesn't negate the attack, but when playing against decks like the aforementioned Majin Buu, shuffling two of their key cards from their drop to their deck can really slow momentum and potentially win games. Don't sleep on this card, it will be used.

That's it for this short reveal. We'll be back tomorrow with the final starter deck reveal of set 10!

~ Sam Russell

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

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