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Beginners Guide #1 - The Magnificent Collection Gogeta

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

While I was scrolling through the DBSCG subreddit I saw a fair few people asking what they could add to the newly released Magificent Collection decks to make them more viable. Then the idea for this series popped into my head! We're going to start doing a series of articles targeted towards players who are just starting out, or have been a bit out of touch with the current landscape of the game.

This is the first of two articles that are a quick look at what you can do to spice up the two new decks that come pre-constructed in the Magnificent Collection products. These decks are already great as they are for new players, and I consider them the best pre-made decks out there for purchase officially by far. As a new player, you would be hard pressed to find a product more worth your money (note: for existing players, these sets are less worth it if you already have a lot of the cards).

With article #1 we'll look at the Fusion Hero deck featuring the SS Gogeta, the Unstoppable as the decks leader.

This box comes with two of each of the included promo cards (see this article), a few of which we will be using to beef up the deck that also comes in this box. The decklist before changes is as follows:

This deck as I mentioned previously, is actually really good on it's own, but it could be better, so let's start by putting some of the cards from the promo pack into the deck. First we'll go by what we can do just using this set, then we'll look at some cards we can add in addition.

The first things you can replace are BT5-034 Deadly Defender Vegeta x2 and BT6-029 SS3 Son Goku, Pushing Forward x2 to put in 2 each of the following cards:

Vegeta/Son Goku, Preparing for Battle are great additions to the deck. Son Goku is a reusable Counter and fusion piece, and Vegeta brings your pieces back from the drop area as well as being a fusion piece.

You can then take out BT1-052 Objection x2 and replace them with two of each of these cards:

Combination Attack is a great extra card that can remove your opponents threats during battle, even if they are the card that is attacking!

So that's about all we can do with what you get in the box (there is another card in the set that we can add, SS Gogeta, All Out Assault, but that card works well with some others that don't come in this set), and if that's all you have for now, it will work nicely.

Let's now look at some additional cards you can purchase to make the deck even better!

If we remove 2 more BT5-034 Deadly Defender Vegeta, 2 more BT6-029 SS3 Son Goku, Pushing Forward, 2 more BT1-052 Objection, and one BT3-118 Fu, Shrouded in Mystery you can add the two SS Gogeta, All Out Assault:

Having these in the deck enables you to play the following two cards:

Run 3 of the SSB Gogeta, Frenzied Burst and 2 of the SSB Gogeta, Fusion Onslaught. Both of these cards evolve off the above promo. As you only have two of the promo, it would be good to try and get your hands on another two. You can take out two BT1-055 Whis Coercion for them.

This is what we are looking at now:Decklist

There are other boss monsters that you can run in the deck if you change a few other cards. I'll leave the list how it is above, but here is one that works well:

Son Goku & Uub, Seeds of the Future is an SCR (Secret Rare), but it isn't too expensive at the moment, so worth picking up if you can find it. It can be played for 8 energy to make it hard for your opponent to survive.

You may also want to think about running some counter play cards such as Undying Spirit Son Gohan to help deal with your opponents cards:

There are many ways you can spice up this deck as it has so much energy to play with, but if you follow this guide, and work hard practicing, this deck can top your local tourneys with ease.

I hope this guide helped you out if you are a new player, or gave you ideas if you're a veteran. We'll write one on the Broly deck soon.

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch For more content!

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles! Magnificent collection is in stock from now!

~ Sam Russell

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