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Beginners Guide #2 - The Magnificent Collection Broly

Welcome to Article #2 of our beginners guide series! Today we will be going over the second Magnificent Collection box - The Forsaken Warrior.

It's somewhat fitting that as I am writing this, Bryan Samuel has just been crowned The North American Champion using the leader Broly, the Awakened Threat that comes in this very box!

This box comes with two of each of the included promo cards (see this article), a few of which we will be using to beef up the deck that also comes in this box. The decklist before changes is as follows:

This deck is actually really good on it's own, but it could be better, so let's start by putting some of the cards from the promo pack into the deck. First we'll go by what we can do just using this set, then we'll look at some cards we can add in addition. Unlike the Gogeta Deck, the Broly leader is extremely versatile, and can be used in many different ways. I'll only go over what you can do with minimal change to the deck that comes in the collection as a lot of the decks are extremely different and would mean taking out almost everything in order to make.

I'm going to prefix the following changes by saying they aren't ideal. The lack of many green cards to combo with for Arrival can be an issue, so you're better off following my proposed changes using cards outside this deck.

The first things you can replace are 3x BT3-088 Explosive Spirit Son Goku, and 1x BT1-005 Furthering Destruction Champa with 2x the following cards:

Broly, Preparing for Battle is a 1 drop green card (note: we don't have that many green cards in the deck right now, so energy is hard to manage, more on that later) that KO's a 1 drop battle card, and allows you to play the 4 drop P-111 Broly, Paralyzing Presence from your hand for 1 Yellow energy. This card also triggers P-090 Surprise Attack Frieza's Auto, to potentially give you a 15k crit on turn 1.

SS Broly, All Out Assault comes out with Arrival, and either switches an opponent's card to rest, or KO's a battle card. This requires you to combo with a green card which can be tight in this deck. Luckily the 1 drop Broly goes back to hand after it's activated, so you should have that at least.

You can remove 2x BT1-110 Crusher Ball and replace them with 2x of these:

Wailing Spirit is an alternate way to access the 4 drop Broly from your deck and play it. I'd actually recommend charging one of these turn one if you see it, just to make sure you have a green energy if you need it.

That's it, There isn't much more you can do with the cards from the box. This just gives you more options for getting your pieces in play. Your main finisher in the deck is BT4-075 Height of Mastery, Son Goku which rests your opponent's energy and swings in for triple strike up to 3 times with this leader.

Now let's look at some changes we can make if we look outside the box. I'm going to keep going with the deck we have rather than changing it up a lot.

First things first, we can remove 2x P-090 Surprise Attack Frieza, and add two more of the Broly, Preparing for Battle to keep the green count up, and make the deck more consistent.

You can remove the last BT1-110 Crusher Ball to add Mira, Creator Absorbed, which combines excellently with BT1-005 Furthering Destruction Champa to steal wins.

Lastly you can remove both BT4-118 Dimensional Banisher Fu and P-036 Scientist Fu, as well as 2x BT4-078 Dependable Dynasty Son Goku and 1x BT4-095 Successor of Hope add 4x Urgent Aid Kami and 1x Cold Bloodlust. Kami is used as extra green for arrival, and they also draw you a card when played, and mess with opponent's energy manipulation.

As a new player, this deck should serve you well as you get into the game. It also allows you the versatility of upgrading as you go. Here's the decklist as we made it in this article:!/deck/238190

Now I'll go through a card or two that can bring this deck to the next level.

There's one card that all seasoned players will think of when looking at this list, and that card is Son Goku, the Awakened Power. This card is insane, being the only card in the game with Victory Strike. The problem is, it is also insanely expensive. If you do manage to get your hands on it however, it's an instant include in this deck, as it can evolve off Height of Mastery Son Goku.

Another great card is Swift Retaliation Cooler, which can help you push that final attack through.

If you want to forgo the green side of this deck completely, you can remove all the cards I mentioned above and focus on yellow completely. I won't go through them as there are so many options, but I'll provide an alternate list here:!/deck/237343 Disclaimer: That list isn't mine, so I can't vouch for it's effectiveness.

I hope this guide helped you out if you are a new player, or gave you ideas if you're a veteran.

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content!

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles! Magnificent collection is in stock from now!

~ Sam Russell

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