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Black Hole Sun - Set 10 Reveals #12

The second black reveal for the week is more exciting overall than the first. Let's forget about those random over realm cards and dive right in to the black support cards Bandai have revealed today. These cards are meant to support coloured decks, the same aim black had when it was first introduced.

Wowee this card is exciting. How exciting remains to be seen though. Son Goku, Power of Legend is a 15k crit beater that comes out when you make your opponent "discard" a card and your leader is Green. Now the wording is important. While we have had confirmation directly from Bandai that they are changing the wording for "place a card in the drop area" to "discard" (for QoL purposes), we need solid confirmation that effects like this proc when a card isplaced in the drop area. My guess is that it will work, but official word would be nice.

He then has an activate main to send him from the battle area to the warp, and warp an opponent's battle card with an energy cost of 4 or less. There can only be one of him in play at any one time, and when you use his activate main you can't play him for the turn.

Interesting that Bandai felt it was too good a card to have no downside, so they game him 0 combo power. Smart move if you ask me.

Another card Bandai thought needed the 0 combo power treatment is Bardock the Resolute. This guy is another amazing reveal. Now black cards are looking much nicer this set. This guy is a 3 cost 15k double strike that also comes into play if your leader card is red, and you do damage to your opponent via skill. Great support for a burn deck like the new Yamcha!

Once this guy attacks, if your opponent counters anytime afterwards (including his attack), you can switch him to active mode, effectively giving you two Double Strikes for zero energy. I can see this being utilised a fair bit if burn becomes a thing.

Yellow support comes in the form of Putine, the Dark Sorcerer. It's a 5k Barrier utility card that comes into play when you switch an opponent's card to rest mode via skill. Much easier to pull off than the Bardock.

Once she's in play, you can switch an opponent's battle card to rest once per turn when they activate counter or you switch a different card to rest. With this in play you can switch two battle cards to rest using the Zamasu Supercombo for example. More control for the Yellow archetype is nice, but it isn't as crazy good as the others, which is reflected by the fact it has standard combo power.

The final colour support card is Gravy, the Dark Sorcerer for blue. This guy is a 5k blocker that comes in for free when your opponent or your own energy is removed via skill. Great with the new energy ramp cards, and also things like the Starter deck Android 21.

He then has a second auto that procs when he is removed by skill or ko'd which lets you untap an energy. All round good card in the right deck.

This is the card of the reveal that I'm most excited about. Mira, Faithful Servant is a new way to bring out a 5 cost Mira earlier than we ever could. Turn 3 union Creator Absorbed can now be acheived. He comes into play for free if you have no battle cards in play, then you can use his activate main to grab a 5 cost Mira from your hand and play it on top of him. Now you can play Mira, Explosion of Energy from yesterday's reveal, which is still a great combo, but the real value is in playing Mira, Self Reformation and then using his union absorb skill to play Mira Creator Absorbed. Something else thats cool about this combo is that you can use it in any Android deck now that you are out from under the thumb of having black cards in warp. It may be a lot of pieces for a green android deck though so the 2 drop into the 5 drop from set 10 might be a better option for those. Either way, this card is awesome and may see Towa make a comeback.

The final card from today's reveal is Time Bullet, a black counter play. This card gets rid of a 2 cost that's being played for zero energy if you have a unison card in play and discard two cards. I mean it's okay. Nothing amazing.

That's it! I'll leave you with this gem. Now excuse me while I theorycraft Mira/Androids!

~Sam Russell

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