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Burnin' Down the House - Set 10 Tournament Pack Reveals #1

It feels like it's been longer than usual since I wrote one of these. Maybe that's due to the long weekend in Sydney, I feel extra rested. On top of that, we have all the amazing people around the world standing up against systematic racism, so this seems much less important.

Today Bandai revealed the first three cards from the new Tournament Pack. All three are red, and support the new earthling leaders from set 10. Let's get down to it.

Son Goku the Pureheated

This card is support for whats shaping up to be a great burn archetype. This works with either the old Gohan burn or the new Yamcha burn decks. He's a 3 cost with deflect that allows you to burn one on attack if you crit your own life and take one life to hand. Decent for self awakening if you're getting starved, but I think the cost may be too hefty to be used regularly. Maybe a side board option or a 2 of.

Yamcha the Lawless

Man Yamcha is the best. Love this guy! This card is great too. It's a 2 drop that draws you a card at the end of the turn. It's also a 30k ds if you pay 2 more energy during your combo step. It's not bad, but I feel it needed barrier for it to be widely used. Either way, that art is sexual.

Pilaf, Innovative Emperor

How cute is this guy haha. This card can be used excellently with the new Pilaf engine as another 2 cost target. He also negs 2 battle cards by 10k when he is used for the big boy machina. It's great to have options and I think this archetype has some nice cards. Really looking forward to playing around with it!

Short and sweet today. None of these cards are gamebreaking, but they are all decent in their decks. Good to see some less OP promo cards.

On another note, someone leaked some of the SPRs online the other day. We will not share these, and do not condone people opening or leaking cards early. This hurts the game and the players. Bandai have a specific reveal schedule to create hype for the new set, and leaking cards this way really undermines that. Whoever leaked them should be ashamed of themselves.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

~ Sam Russell

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