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Championship 2020 II cards revealed!

G'day everyone! Bandai did another promo reveal today! The first half of champ pack 2020 part 2 (I feel like we barely had a chance to get part 1!) is looking fire. The art on these cards is absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of street art. Bandai are really getting these card designs right! Let's start with red as always!

Bulma, the Adventure Begins

This is a really cool card, similar to the U11 blocker from ToP. It's a 1 cost Earthling, so it can be played off the Bulma supercombo. Once it's on the field, it can't be ko'd once per turn. That means you can block with it, and it won't die during battle the first time. Another cool thing is it gets around skills that "KO" cards, so some board wipes etc dont affect it! Not half bad.

SS3 Gogeta, Super Warrior Evolution

The first of three blue cards in this reveal is a Gogeta Unison. This guy is similar to the Gogeta from the starter deck, but arguably better. He has the same permanent as Gogeta that makes all rest mode blue Saiyans deadly defender-esque cards that stops your leader taking damage from attacks. He's a Dual Attacker with 20k power which is great for dealing with other unison cards or putting on pressure.

His activate main is where he shines. For the low cost of -1 you can yeet 2 of your opponents cards, and play a mono-blue saiyan with 2 or less with it's skills negated for the turn. This is great for Vegito fusion, and also to get a saiyan on board for the permanent. All round solid Unison card here.

Trunks, Neverending Justice

The support for the set 10 Trunks leader is already really good, and this makes it even better. If you reveal the card from your life with your leader skill, you can play it. A 15k blocker that yeets 2 of your opponent's battle cards for free! I feel like this blue deck is going to be very annoying, considering both this and the Gogeta have no cost restrictions on the cards they send to hand.

Divine Judgement

Plan was banned so they replaced it with this. This card is pretty bad. I'm sad.

So Divine Judgement looks great at first. 2 cost to negate an attack then ramp energy. The problem is, once you've done that, you can't play any cards but Goku Black, Zamasu, and 2 blue specified unison cards for the GAME. It's worth mentioning that extra cards aren't "played", they're activated, so you can still use them.

The problem is, so much of the blue "good stuff" support is not Zamasu or Goku Black (Obuni anyone?), and I think this really locks you out. It would be fun for a theme deck, but getting a ramp just isn't worth the cost IMO.

Vegeta, Appetite for Battle

Right off the bat this artwork is amazing. The card is interesting, but I don't think it's out of this world good. If you're playing the new Green Goku, you'd notice that you mill out, or mill a lot of your pieces. This is the answer for that issue. I feel like if it also drew you a card, it would be awesome. As it stands though, it's just okay. It doesn't allow you to put supercombos or big 8+ cost (Awakened Power) back in your deck either, which is another neuter.

That's the final card from today's reveal. I'm liking the champ and event packs, however I'm somewhat concerned over distribution. As we all know, large scale events are not likely to come back in the next few months, so I wonder where we will get these cards. I hope Bandai decide to distribute them to stores for smaller store championship sized events that may be able to be held sooner. Otherwise they run the risk of having the same issues we have seen with a lot of cards since the pandemic - ultra high prices.

We'll be back tomorrow with the second half of the Champ 2020 reveals, and also a starter deck opening video! Here's a tease

Until then, stay safe, wherever you are.

~ Sam Russell

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conciencious stupidity. ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

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