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Championship 2020 Part 2!

Wowowowow the second reveal of these championship promos is even more exciting than the first! There are some awesome looking cards, as well ask cards that seem like the will make waves! Let's get right into it because it's after midnight and I want to get to bed!

Meta-Cooler, Terrifying Horde

Meta-Cooler is back! It looks like Bandai have dropped the old archetype, and moved to a token style set up for this guy, which makes sense. He's a 3 specified green unison that plays a meta cooler token once per turn for free, which is a 15k beater of 5k combo piece, the same as the previous coolers.

His first unison is a +1, allowing you to discard a card and draw 2. Great deck filtering and draw power. I'm liking this already. This would be good to give decks like OG Green Broly some much needed draw power.

His second unison skill is -4, and it plays 3 more Meta Cooler tokens, which is just amazing pressure! Great all round unison card!

Gotenks, Genuine Ability

This 5 drop Gotenks is a 2 yellow 20k revenge blocker if you have 3 15k yellow battle cards in the drop. Easy for the Gotenks deck. When he's played you can stun a battle or unison card in rest mode. Very very useful that's for sure.

Vegeks, Father-Son Bonds

Okay call me crazy, but I still think it's weird for a son to willingly be inside his father, but that's just me. Vegeks is another free play card that comes off the leader. It can also be played via Union-Potara for 2 energy, but you'd only do that if you were desperate. This guy is a 20k beater and that's about it. Nothing revolutionary, but adding another body to an already potent deck will be crazy. If this was a 5 cost the deck would be broken, being able to go into Towering Atrocity on turn 1 would be insane.

SS3 Gohan, Masters Surpassed

So if you read my articles regularly, you'd know that I'm not a fan of all these what if characters we see in the game. I get the appeal, I'm just more of a purest. This card however... This has me moist. I've always loved teen Gohan - similar to many I'm sure - ever since he handed Cell his nutsack back when I watched as a kid. It's beautiful.

In terms of card skill it's really good too. It's a 4 cost Deflect Barrier card, giving counter play the middle finger. When it attacks, you can use alliance to burn a life from your opponent, and stop them from playing 20k or less battle cards for a turn unless they crit themselves. Insane. Pair this with SS Gogeta, Acrobatic Warrior and you have yourself a potent wincon.

Baby Janemba, Hatred and Evil Personified

This is one funky looking demon dude. He seems to want to make a acomplete archetype out of offering, coming out for free when you play a red/yellow Baby card, meaning you get an extra 16k beater. He also searches the top 7 cards for 2 cards with offering, allowing you to take those two and drop a card, or take one and keep it. Definitely a good addition to the Baby deck. Whether it comes back is another story.

An amazing reveal! I hope we get the SCRs next week!! If you're looking for more content now, take a look at our starter deck opening where you can win some decks for yourself!

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~ Sam Russell

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~ Malcom X

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