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Cheelai Gohan Wish

Today we have another deck profile!

This time Benny Zhang has spoken to us about his VIC Store Championship win at Good Games Greensborough last weekend, and his Cheelai & Lemo/Gohan deck!

Benny went 4 Wins, 1 Draw and 0 losses to take the event! His matchups were as follows (including notes from the man himself):

R1. Dr Myuu 2-0 (good job to my opponent playing a fun deck) R2. U7 Golden Frieza 2-1 (in game 2, I got VS at 8 life!) R3. Uub 2-1 (after he sided in MKZ, it got tough and the deck had so many 4 energy combos and beans!) R4. Towa 1-1 (my opponent told me I only lost game 1 by 5k, game 2 I Champa onto Scientist Fu, double strike x2 so Towa can only take away 1) R5. Dende Frieza 2-1 (game 2 I got wrecked by COT and Fu, The Dark Banisher)

"I was the only undefeated after R5, 4 wins and a draw and first time playing the deck on the day. Shoutout to my mate John Argyros for lending me the deck and teaching me how to play it right before the event. Also all the peeps at my local; CardTastic Collectables and Gaming"

We asked Benny for a short rundown on how the deck works, here's what he had to say!

"As for how the deck works, we do nothing but defend and dig through our deck for the pieces and kill turn on turn 4. Usually by turn 4, need at least 1 green and 1 yellow energy. Play Plea for free, bring back Gohan to evolve. With the 4 open energy, I usually play a Scientist Fu, keep yellow open for BRL, Green for Paragus 1 drop to pop Gohan into SCR Broly and last energy can be used for anything like double strike Champa"

And that's a wrap! We'll be back with more content soon!

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