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Clan Collusion - Green Starter - Set 10 Reveals #9

Let me start this article off by saying OG Frieza is my favourite Dragon Ball Villain of all time. I'm so excited about these cards and what this deck could do!

This is the second of three starter decks that will last us the next three sets, so we should be seeing more and more support which is great!

The leader for this starter is Frieza//Last Resort Frieza (Yass give me that 100% boi), and he looks beautiful. He has a fun canonical permanent that means you cannot use Saiyans in your deck, which is a fun deck building mechanic that will change the way you think about construction,

He has a cool auto that goes off when you attack. You choose a Frieza's Army in your battle area and place it in your drop area, and your opponent has to discard a card, then you can take a life if you would like. A really cool auto, especially combined with some green cards that activate when removed by skill!

Once awakened, Frieza's auto changes to a basic draw on attack. His Activate:Main is similar to the auto on his front side. You can sack a Frieza's Army to force your opponent to drop a card, then this time you can also give your Green Unison card Critical, which is a great bonus.

I can really see this leader being competitive with the right build. I'm keen to see what the community comes up with.

The second card from the starter is it's Unison, Frieza: Xeno, Darkness Overflowing. The first thing that I noticed is like the first starter deck, these cards don't have Unison in their name. I'm happy about that because I found it annoying that all the cards in the main set do, but that's just nitpicking.

Frieza is a 15k 2 specified cost Unison card. He has a similar permanent to the Demigra revealed earlier in the week, except the life goes to drop instead of hand. This means the perm is more of a defense against unison removal than self awakening.

His first unison skill is +1, and it just cycles a card in your hand by discarding and allowing you to draw. This is perfect for one of the other cards in this reveal that has an auto that goes off when you drop it via skill.

His second is a -1, and it's pretty darn good at that cost. You can KO a 4 or less on your opponent's field, then remove a marker from their unison, which is very powerful.

Zarbon, Frieza's Right Hand Man is a 1 cost unison searcher that also grabs a 4 or less green Frieza's Army in a pinch. He also has a skill that activates from the drop area, making him a perfect target for your leaders auto. During battle you can pay one energy and warp this card from your drop to buff your unison or leader by +10k for the battle, which is decent.

Dodoria, Frieza's Devoted Servent is the card that I mentioned will work well with your unison cards skill. If you meet the requirements and you discard this card via skill, you can play this card. Now the card doesn't do much other than that, but it is a combo piece that you wouldn't otherwise have, and it can be used to proc your leader cards skills. It also activates Frieza's Army Healing Pod which would be a great inclusion in this deck!

You can also pay one green energy to add him from your drop to your hand.

Ginyu, Frieza's Greatest Soldier is a 2 drop Ginyu Force so it can be played with the Ginyu Leader's skill, but the second auto doesn't work with that leader. Not optimal, but still not bad as an extra target.

His first auto buffs a leader or your grean unison by +10k for the turn, which is great in the Frieza deck, because you can attack with him and get the 15k swing in, then use your leader cards skill to sack him and his second auto puts him back in your hand. This card is also great as a target for Successor as long as you use this leader card.

That's it for the starter deck reveals this time around. Swing by tomorrow where we will talk SRs assuming Bandai follows a pattern!

~ Sam Russell

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

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