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Counter, counter and more counter - Set 11 Reveals #10

Holy Shit guys this reveal is crazy. There's two insane cards for blue in this reveal, one for Baby and one that's more generic. Let's dive right in!

I'll start off with the most boring card of the reveal. The blocker cantrip for blue. Cool to see more Uub cards!

Now we'll get into the Baby support. A 15k beater that sends a 1 drop back to hand for one energy. Honestly not amazing, Bandai obviously planning around this cards energy cost being reduced by making it mediocre. Draft box alien dude is better.

Now this is better. A Blue Denial of Hope that bottom decks instead of dropping the card, and also provides a 20k beater. The best thing about these and the previously revealed counter battle cards is this next card. It's insane.

Like flute mixed with a counter attack, this card negates the attack for 1 energy, then allows you to return a counter card to your hand. Especially useful for cards with servant that have already attacked the turn before. This deck is going to be so tough to deal damage to! Green is going to be playing 4 of the Vegeta Field removal!

Lastly, we have more generic blue support. This card pairs incredibly with both of the Gogeta unisons. You can activate this cards skill during battle to play it in rest mode, which will effectively stop the attack. Imagine playing this against a triple strike for game, and just not taking damage. Blue is looking crazy this set, and I like it. The fact that you can play this in the Baby deck too if you opt for Gogeta over or as well as the Baby unison, is mental.

Quick one today, hope you enjoyed our brief time together. See you tomorrow with what will probably be another fun reveal!

~ Sam

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