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Dank Dark Dragon Balls - Set 10 Reveals #7

Welcome back dragonballers! Another day, another set 10 reveal, and this time it's huuuuuge! Bandai has shown off a heap of green cards from the new set, and I am hella excited. Let's dive right in.

The Ginyu Force are back, and these guys are pretty good. I'll be referencing the Ginyu Leader a bit so if you missed my overview of that see it here. It's nice to finally see them actually have decent base power, that's my first take away. There's one issue I have with these cards that almost dashes my hopes of playing a jank RGY Ginyu swarm deck, and it's that these guys have the new Unique keyword, so there can only be one of each on the field.

Recoome the Musclehead is a pretty simple card. It comes out (preferably off the top of your deck for free), then plays another Green Ginyu Force from hand. That's good to help the new leader self awaken, and also provide pressure.

Next up is Jeice, Second in Command. This guy is an "Everybody's Pal Yamcha" for Ginyu Force. A really good way to get more of the Force to hand, especially since it doesn't only look for Green. He also allows you to put the cards on the TOP or bottom of your deck afterward, which is great to set up your leaders skill.

Burter, Fastest in the Universe is remeniscent of the first ever Burter card, in that he restands at the end of your turn, but this guy has the added benefit of being a Blocker. Really good skills on these cards so far.

Finally, Guldo, Psycho Psychic is the first Guldo card that isn't gimped compared to the other force! He has an Activate: Main that can be used from hand to rearrange the top 3 cards of your deck to help make sure your leader skill hits. It also lets you decide what you will be drawing which is nice. If you get him n the field his skill is similar but with the top 5 cards of your deck. That's crazy good! Glad to see more scry style skills!

Now we have the Ginyu cards. These guys are more body change style cards, but this time making it an even more unique mechanic.

Ginyu, Backbone of the Force comes out for free if you have one of each Force card in play. When you play him, you can choose ANY of your opponent's battle cards (except if they have barrier) and take control of it! That's so awesome, I can't wait to try this guy out. He then also goes to your opponent's side of the field of course.

Once you have taken your opponent's battle card and done some damage with it, you can sack it with Ginyu the Bodysnacher's skill in order to play him for free. He's a 20k Double Strike that reverts to 10k on your opponent's turn. He also has an Auto that buffs all green Ginyu Force by 10k for the turn, making him a 30k the turn he's played. This engine seems great and I can't wait to see it in action.

Three of the OG Frieza forms are back again this set with a different style of card.

Second form Frieza is a 20k vanilla.

Third form Frieza, Terrifying Transformation is a 2 drop 15k that has some cool skills. He has an auto that discourages removal by opponent's skills as it allows you to draw 2 cards if he is. He also has an Activate: Main for 1 green that let's you choose 1 Green Frieza from your hand or drop and play it on top of him. That's meant to be used with this next guy, but can also be used with Surprise Attack Frieza, which is not at all optimal.

Final form Frieza, Cosmic Horror is the best option to play on top of the 2 drop. He has Dual Attack, and when he's played you can either pop an opponent's battle card or remove a marker from their Unison card. Not too shabby. A great target for Revival of the Emperor in a Frieza Wish deck.

Wish is back! One-Star Ball, Parasitic Darkness is the first of what we can only assume will be a bunch of Dark Dragon Ball cards. That means a new wish leader that uses these cards like the old ones use standard Dragon Balls. How exciting! This ball has an activate battle akin to the Four Star Ball (without the skilless support). It also has an activate main that allows you to place it under a 4 cost Frieza in your battle area and play a green Frieza: Xeno card from your deck or hand on top of it.

That's where Freiza, the Power Monger comes in. He has Unique and Deflect, and he also has an auto that discourages removal by allowing you to retrieve a green extra card from your drop if he is removed. He also has an activate battle for 3 that gives him 15k power and double strike. I can't say he's amazing, but it's better than the only previous Frieza Xeno we have seen. This combo will go well in Frieza Wish too, since he can be evolved on top of any 4 drop Frieza, of which the deck uses many.

Next let's take a look at our new 1 drop support. Son Gohan, Potential Unlocked is a Blocker that comes out for free if you have a Green Unison card in play. Good to defend the unison itself, but I can't see it being played much.

Ultimate Power Piccolo is support for Green Son Goku leaders. It's nice and versatile, being able to either draw a card or gain 10k on play. Great for early draw, and also good if you need that final push.

Dodoria the Cold-Blooded is a reprint of Zarbuto, Heroic Stance except with the Frieza's Army tag. Great card, but i feel they could have done something a bit more with this card.

Bulma, Life on Namek is a top 5 (one or two cost) unison searcher that also looks for a three cost or less saiyan. Will be a staple in unison decks.

The two supercombos revealed are at two ends of the spectrum. Zarbon the Gorgeous is pretty bad because we already have a Green Frieza's Army supercombo that is way better making this guy pretty much useless.

Vegeta, the Lone Prince on the other hand is amazing. Finally something to consider over Paragas. This guy has the standard super combo skill to draw a card, then he has an auto for Mono Green leaders that makes your opponent discard a card if you play him, which is awesome! He has a permanent that doesn't allow you to play him with skills, which is a good thing considering how broken that could be.

Next we have a counter attack battle card. Zarbon, Victory Over Beauty is a 3 cost counter that negates the attack and then plays the card. Similar to Kakunsa he KOs a battle card whe he comes into play, but for the extra energy he costs, he also lets you choose an opponent's card and discard it. Pretty good, but in green 3 energy is a fair bit. If Piccolo surge is still going strong next set I can see this being used in that.

The final two cards from today's reveal are extra cards, and I'm very excited about one of them. Blue Impulse is an awesome card to punish decks that play cards on your turn. For two energy (or one if you have a green unison card in play) you can wipe your opponent's board if they decide to Toppo or arrival on you. I think this is a very balanced card that is very easy to play around, but also can punish hard if your opponent is greedy. This will be a side board card in any deck with green, not just unison.

Dark Death Ball is another counter play that can be played for free if you jump through 17 hoops that have been lit on fire, or at least it feels that way. It's a Preemptive Strike that also ko's a 1 drop. To play it for free you have to discard 2 cards from hand. A heavy price, but free counter plays are also good so...

That's it for today's hefty reveal. My money is on rare cards coming tomorrow so I'll be eagerly awaiting that sweet Ginyu goodness!

Until next time friends, same green skin, same big nappa.

~ Sam Russell

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