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DB4 Pull Rates Revealed

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Hey Everyone! This is a special edition blog post! Our friends at The Midian Guard have provided us with the pull rates for the upcoming Draft Box 4. They opened six boxes to try and get you all the most accurate pull rates as they could.

Unfortunately, they are a tad underwhelming, as they weren't able to pull a playset of each card, even in more than a case! For main sets that isn't unusual due to things like SCRs, SPRs and signed cards, but in a set with only "campaign rare" and lower card rarities, it's unfortunate to say the least.

Without further adieu, behold the pull rates for Draft Box 4!

There's a lot to take in there, but lets just look at the new cards for now. I'm happy to see that the rate for new vs reprints is about 3:1, much better than the 1:1 I was expecting, although there are more new cards than reprints, so that does tilt the scale a bit.

SR playsets are going to be especially difficult to come by, expect the more hyped cards like Galick Cannon and SS Vegeta, Exploiting Weaknesses.

That being said, DPR cards are even harder to get your hands on, meaning a playset of these will be extremely unlikely from sealed product alone unless you want to spend upwards of $1k AUD.

Foil C/UC cards are also few and far between, but we have seen that more often with the latest sets. This is not a big issue because it's good for collectors, and if you desperately need the cards you can just play the non foil counterparts.

So if we look at the totals, you're only going to get 7% or so on average of your cards being rare or above from the new pool, which is around 20 out of 288. Not too bad I guess, but not amazing either.

The reprints are neither here nor there, but it is interesting to find out that the foiling on the old SRs etc is now shatter foil like the newer style SRs, so At All Costs and Fearless Pan (to mention two of the most popular) will not be straight reprints of their previous set, but updated foiling. I personally foster a deep dislike of the shatter (or prism as it's sometimes called) foiling, so this is a bummer in my eyes, but some do like it. Each to their own.

So the conclusion I make from this is that it most likely isn't worth it to buy this product sealed, unless you are actually looking to use it for what it's designed for; draft. The problem with people not buying the set is that it will in turn drive the price of singles up even further. It will also discourage Bandai from continuing with the draft format in the future. I personally love a draft, and with stores getting special stamped versions of the c/uc/r cards for draft tournaments, I can definitely say that I will be doing at least a couple!

Luckily, The Midian Guard will be selling singles of the new set. C/UC cards available for pre order now! Take a look at their site and be ready, because they will sell out! For non Australian based players and collectors, there is always tcgplayer and cardmarket.

We will be doing a DB4 opening on the 19th, so subscribe to our Youtube and like our Facebook to check it out as soon as it's uploaded!

Don't forget that all the Draft Box card proxies are up on our proxy cache under DB1.

~Sam Russell

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