Dende Frieza Gets a Makeover - A Deck Profile

Simon has been nice enough to do a little write up for his Dende Frieza deck going into set 10. Simon has been playing this deck since it was first concieved by Danny Hype, and has been tuning it. This seems like the best version yet! Take it away Simon!

Note: Deck includes more tech options than shown in gameplay videos. Adjustments for consistency vs tech included in brackets (+/-).

The deck…


Dende//Piccolo, Brimming with Confidence searches 2 Dragon Balls per turn allowing you to awaken by turn 3 without additional searchers. He also bursts 2 per turn – putting Frieza cards in drop to revive with your desire, as well as Dragon Balls to awaken more quickly. You can recycle 1 Namekian card on wish which should be Ancient Wisdom Guru.

Dragon Radar x3 – recycle two Revival of the Emperors. Search deck for Dragon Balls to draw 2. Use this card after you use the desire cards, so you have full energy for the next cycle of desires.

Fu, the Dark Banisher x1 – summon on the turn you plan to end the game, typically turns 4 or 5 before you attack and in conjunction with Cell Xeno SCR and/or Golden Frieza and/or Frieza Xeno chain reaction. Don’t forget to get your desires out of your drop before you warp, or have some spares.

Dangerous Journey Bulma x4 – Recycle Ancient Wisdom Guru, Surprise Attack Frieza and Frieza, Dark Infestation, use as often as possible. Priority targets are Ancient Wisdom Guru & Frieza, Dark Infestation, then Surprise Attack or (if sided Counter: Counter Cooler).

Porunga’s Dragon Ball x7 – awaken as soon as possible, keep dragon balls on mulligan if facing an aggro matchup, if slow match-up slow down awakening for extra hand size.

Frieza Cosmic Horror x2(+2) – removal, KO Clan of Terror Mecha Frieza’s target, activates Surprise Attack. Easy removal of unison cards, removes 3 tokens if both attacks go through. Dual attack, once expended is a great target for One-Star Ball Parasitic Darkness into Frieza, Dark Infestation. Pop Frieza, Dark Infestation to neg your opponent hand.

Frieza Dark Infestation x4 + One-Star Ball, Parasitic Darkness x4 – second swing 15k double on every green Frieza summon from desire. Use activate main, to recycle One-Star Parasitic Darkness, remove a card you choose from opponents hand. Resummon again on the next Frieza. Recycle with Dangerous Journey Bulma which helps thin your deck.

Surprise Attack Frieza x3 – plays when a card is KO’d, target for desire card, target for One-Star Ball, Parasitic Darkness which allows you to summon another Surprise Attack that turn, if another card is KO’d.

Cell Xeno, Unspeakable Abomination x1 – successor 12, can be brought out from Turn 2. Game ender, hand destruction on turn 5.

Golden Frieza, Resurrected Terror x2(-2) + Occupation of Evil Frieza x2(-2) – board clear, gets around barrier for rested cards, triple strike, can be played for free by activating main after desire.

Frieza, Revenge in Motion x4 + Tagoma, Frieza’s Loyal Servant x4 – allows consistent turn 2 awakening when paired with Tagoma, Frieza’s Loyal Servant on turns 1 and 2. Thin’s deck and puts Frieza’s in drop. Use Tagoma, Frieza’s Loyal Servant whenever there is a Frieza on board.

Vicious Lackey Tagoma x3(+1) – Fixes hand, searches for desire card turns 1 and 2, choose from drop when possible, leaving chance to draw from deck as high as possible.