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Expansion Packs Providing Potential Power Cards.

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Surprise! Another reveal for expansion's 10 & 11! I honestly thought that the leaders and unison cards were it! I guess we needed searchers etc to go with them. Let's take a look!

Android 17, High Alert is a new type of free Blocker! It comes out for free if you have a Red Unison Card in play with a specified cost of 2.

Whis, Destruction's Conductor (how many cards can be called "Whis, Destruction's Something?) is a Unison/U7 searcher. If your leader card is a red Vegeta, you can search the top 5 cards for a unison card or u7 card. It has a second option of negging your leader to get the leaders auto to pop. These cards are making it harder to crowbar the unison cards into other decks, with the searchers being locked in by the permanent.

Boom, new keyword skill! Unique is a [Permanent] keyword skill that has the same effect as some of the permanents we already see. It makes it so the player of this card can only have one copy of it in the battle area at any one time. Beerus, Wrath of the Gods is pretty good, coming into play for one red when you combo with it. It's a 15k crit beater. Now if only it didnt have the Red Vegeta leader restriction :(

Another card with Unique, Frieza, Fair-Weather Fiend is similar to the Beerus above, except it costs 2 enery, and comes out in active mode. This is almost like a Bardock ape for Red! It doesn't draw, but the auto means when your opponent uses a counter, you can neg one of their battle cards ignoring barrier by 30k! So Strong! An awesome thing about this is that it doesn't need the average Red Vegeta leader to be played!

Both red and yellow get a new counter play card this set. Omen of Awakening is similar to Denial of Hope. It's a psuedo self awakener in that you NEED to crit a life to use it. The only upside of this over DoH is that you can use it for one if you have the Gotenks unison card in play. Honestly I think it's too steep of a cost to be used much. The art is excellent however.

Moving on to the yellow Universe 11 set, we have Kahseral, the Slashstriker. Kahseral has been getting a lot of cheap searcher cards lately, and this one is no different. This guy costs 1, and lets you search the top 5 for a yellow unison card with a specified cost of 2, or a universe 11 card with 4 or less. Already this is better than the Whis because it doesnt require the Yellow Toppo leader! His second auto works with the Vegeta Unison card to switch opponents battke cards to rest.

Similar to the Android 17 card above, Dyspo, the Flashstriker comes in for free if you have the yellow unison card in play and no battle cards. This guy is a 15k crit for free. That's awesome! You can also use him for some crit pressure in the set 9 Jiren deck, playing him for free off the leader!

Marcarita, Tutor of Power is a 2 cost 19k (if you have the yellow unison card in play). It has barrier, and locks down an opponent's battle card for a turn when it attacks. Decent value!

Belmod, the Self-Indulgent is the first of two Counter cards for yellow in this expansion. The interesting thing about this card is it is both a Counter:Play, and Counter:Attack, but the two skills are completely different! The Counter:Play skill plays your opponent's card in rest mode then plays the Belmod. The Counter:Attack is arguably the better skill. It plays the Belmod while negating the attack, and also negating the skills of another one of your opponent's battle cards. Bear in mind it doesn't ignore barrier. It's a two cost on your opponent's turn if you have the Vegeta Unison card in play.

Spirit Fist is the final card of this reveal. It's a counter play that chooses your opponent's played card and switches it to rest - which is bad if it has barrier or deflect, but is actually really good if you're playing a deck that feeds off your opponent's cards being switched to rest mode. This card is never dead in hand because on your turn, it can be used as 10k buff for the turn on your leader or unison card. Very strong with the Vegeta that can attack multiple times!

That's the lot! I hope these insights help a bit! I can't wait for this set and the changes set 10 will bring. We'll be doing some testing videos with 60 cards and the Unison expansions soon, so look out for that!

~Sam Russell

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