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EXTRA EXTRA: Unison Warriors have almost arrived!

Look at that, first we get a sad but necessary delay to the Expansion boxes (now to be released on the 29th of May), and mere hours later we get the expansion cards revealed!

Before I go over the cards with my thoughts, let me go over the changes to the game that will make these cards possible. The main change is that we will now be able to include up to 61 cards in our decks (60 standard cards and 1 leader). There has been no word on side deck changes as far as I know. That means we can have a deck with 52 cards, 57 cards, whatever we like as long as it's at least 51, and no more than 61. That change alone will make the next meta extremely interesting, with lots of players keen to jump straight to 61, and others more wary of deck consistency. I for one can't wait to see how this pans out!

The second change is the new card type. Unison cards are completely new. They aren't leaders, they aren't battle cards, and they aren't extra cards. They have their own area, the Unison area, which sits to the right of the leader area. They are in your deck like a normal card, and played with energy like a battle card. That's where the similarities stop. Unison cards don't have an energy cost, only a specified cost. They can be played for as many energy as you like, as long as you meet the specified requirements. For each energy you pay, you get a counter on the unison card. If you pay 2 energy you get 2 counters, 3 you get 3 and so on. The counters on the card can be used to pay for skills specific to that unison card. You may only use one skill on a Unison card per turn. If anyone has played magic, I understand these are the same as Planeswalkers.

Now to the cards themselves. I'll start with The Unison cards.

Gotenks, Unison of Rage is the first of two Unison cards coming out in these expansion sets. It's also the first time Adult Gotenks has appeared in the game!

As you can see he has a specified cost of 2 red. That means you can pay 2 red to play him in your Unison Area, or you can pay more, to get more tokens.

He has two skills, the first of which adds a token to the card, and also self awakens and -5000 your leader. That then procs his auto which gives your leader +10000, netting it a +5k buff. The second skill uses up 2 tokens and also procs his auto. You get to look at your opponents hand (that is value already there), and choose a multi battle card or battle card with 10k or less power to place in the drop.

Vegeta, Unison of Fury is the second Unison card we will see in May. He has a specified cost of 2 yellow, and unlike Gotenks, has two unison skills that use up counters. He also has an activate main that allows you to add a counter once per turn for the cost of resting one of your battle cards.

His first unison skill uses up one token, and stops your opponent from attacking with battle cards with a higher cost than their energy next turn. Very strong. This alone makes me think this will be a staple card in yellow decks.

You can then use 3 counters to switch one of your opponents energy to rest and give your unison card +5k, Dual attack and DS for the turn. For me, this is the pick of the two Unison cards.

Now, the leaders. These leaders are designed specifically to be used with the unison cards, so their skills sync up well. Does that mean they are the best leaders to use with these cards? Only time will tell.

Vegeta, Candidate of Destruction is the leader that Pairs with the Gotenks Unison card. Let me dirst just say, I love the art on the unawakened side of this leader, the drawing style art is nice.

The front side is pretty standard, draw one when this card attacks. The awaken on these leaders is different however, it works either when you have 4 or less life, or when you have your unison card in play. It stops you from abusing this at 8 life by forcing you to knock yourself down to 6.

On the awakend side, it draws one on attack (once per turn), then when you neg it with your unison card, it get's dual attack, effectivly making him a 20k dual attacker.

Toppo, like his Unison buddy, is a more interesting card. It has the same unawakened side as Vegeta, but once you get him flipped, he has a very cool Permanent skill. For the rest of the game, if his unison partner is in play, both players can only play one battle card per turn! Very interesting, shuts down wide boards completely which is cool.

That's the reveal guys. I hope I helped explain some of the new elements we will be seeing with the new expansion!

~ Sam Russell

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