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Frieza's Army Assemble - Set 10 Tournament Pack Reveals #3

Wow this is a big tournament pack. It's already one of the biggest ever, and two colours (and maybe multicolour?) are yet to be revealed. I'm wondering if this will be a tournament pack that persists over the course of the block? It's going to be tough for players to get their hands on playsets unless they're buying singles. I'm not complaining though, I love collecting so the more cards the better!

Today's reveal was the green cards, and they focus completely on supporting the new green Frieza's Army archetypes. I'm going to say this at the start or I'll be repeating myself with every card. These are beautiful. It's a stark contrast to yesterday's bland Saiyans that looked the same as their starter deck/set 10 counterparts. The art is amazing, I love it.

Swift Massacre Frieza

This guy is a beast. At first glance I thought it was just okay, but I've come to realise that 3 energy (reduced by 1 if you have 5 or more green cards in the drop) is an excellent amount to pay for barrier removal, we already do with the 3 cost extras. On top of that though, this is then a 4 cost frieza that you can turn into Frieza: Xeno. It's only really going to be used in its intended archetype as the KO effect works from hand, not from drop. Dende Frieza doesn't like this.

Giynu, Captain of the Elite

Ginyu is a much less exciting version of the Trunks counter attack we saw yesterday. He negates the attack for one energy, then comes into play and adds a 9000 power or less Frieza's Army from the drop to your hand. If you do you drop a card. This can be used to plus by dropping Dodoria from the starter deck, as he will come into play. Also Beerus, although there's less synergy there.

Decent card for the archetype, but less of an all rounder than Trunks.

Zarbon, Cosmic Elite

This guy is niceeeee. He is a blocker that you can play for 1 green from your drop if you drop a green card from your hand (Dodoria works nicely here, Beerus does not, as the card is in the drop, so it doesn't proc). Once he's out, if he is removed for any reason your opponent drops a card.

Great card for the green archetype, but maybe even better for the OG Lemon Lime Golden Frieza deck! Your leader can get rid of him and proc his auto, while also untapping and drawing, and then he sets you up to use him again next turn!

Dodoria the Boastful

1 energy for a 15k attacker who also grabs a unison from the drop if he is KO'd. Honestly the least exciting card of the four (however I think I like the art on this guy the best). He is meant to be pressure that is easy to attack and remove, which also dissuades your opponent from attacking him due to his auto. The problem is I don't see the auto being used that often with only 4 targets on average.

That's all of the reveals Bandai had for us today. Interesting that these only support Frieza's army and not green Goku, although I don't think that deck needs support so it doesn't phase me.

~ Sam Russell

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