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Fusion Frenzy - Set 10 Tournament Pack Reveals #4

Yellow comes into play today from the new tourney pack, and it has given me a mixed reaction. I feel it's probably the most underwhelming of the reveals so far as a whole, but there is a standout card or two.

SS Son Goten, Primed for Fusion

One of the standouts, Goten is a 1 cost negate like the other colours. He can then return to your hand at the end of the turn if you drop a card. Definitely not as powerful as the other negates, but still good considering you want to keep fusion pieces in hand when you can. A great thing about this card is it's an easily searchable counter as it has some great traits. It can be searched with the Trunks cards, but also anything that finds a yellow Saiyan.

SS Trunks, Primed for Fusion

The other standout of the four cards, Trunks is a free 15k beater if your opponent has 4 or more cards in rest mode. He also stops you from playing cards with anything but union fusion skills for the turn. He then comes back to hand at the end of the turn. Almost a perfect card, as you are keeping hand size and getting a free attack. This for me is the best card of the yellow reveals.

SS Gotenks, Matchless Fusion

An ironic name for this card since it's terrible. The art is really nice, but the pleasantries stop there. 4 energy (and -3 cards from hand) for a 25k beater that has a decent skill, but can be removed by so damn many things is just crap. This card is probably the worst we've seen from the TP so far. Nuff said.

Syn Shenron, Harbinger of Ruin

This card is okay. Not amazing, but not bad. First of all he's another target for the leaders skill to bring out 7 shadow dragons, so thats a good thing. He has a skill that sacks your rest mode card (no you can't choose your leader) to tap down an opponent's card.

When he's removed, you can grab 2x yellow battle cards with 1000 power or less from your drop, allowing you to recycle the negative energy balls.

Again, he's a good card, but nothing revolutionary.

That's all for today's reveals. We will be back tomorrow with black!

~ Sam Russell

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