GIANT FORCE RARES: A Murder of Unisons (unless you play Black)

Draft Box 4 (DB1) gave us DPRs & Draft Box 5(DB2) gave us DARs. Now Draft box 6 (DB3) is upping the ante with a bevy of unison cards for each of the 4 primary colours. Initially, I was fairly underwhelmed by these releases. But the more I read them and think about the potential applications, the more excited I get. Not to mention that they are some sexy looking cards!

I'm a bit salty that Black missed out - especially as it feels like it's finally starting to develop its own identity as a colour (specified Black energy cost is a great move by Bandai). I hope that this is not a sign of things to come.

I've taken a moment to share my opinions on the GFRs. Please do share your thoughts. I'm looking at these from both a Draft and a Standard perspective.


Piccolo Jr., Giant Force - a 9k unison with no built in mechanism to up his power. But he will only cost you 1 energy and activate your Wolf Fang and Yamcha counterplays

+1 - Planet M2 in a unison. Perfect for removing 5k blockers without Barrier.

-6 - I like this. Provided you can keep this guy alive, and consistently add markers (no problem in red, right?) this could go off in a huge way in red aggro. Fearless Pan from BT03 and Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku (PR03) for some janky fun with all your skill-less weenies.

In Draft, battle cards with 3 and less energy that you may want to play are less than amazing. King Piccolo, the New Ruler is nice - but is a free play from hand. Son Goku, Nimbus Master is a waste. Your best bet are the 2 drop Demon instruments.

Lord Slug, Giant Force - I want this guy to come with an oversized option so that I can sit him next to my Lord Slug Leader. Sadly the 2 will never meet.

Critical and 15k keeps the pressure on your opponent.

+1 - You had me at "ignoring Barrier". Shame you must pitch a card to do it, as a lot of Red decks are draw poor.

-4 - pretty good. Especially if playing against Blue in all its negate heavy glory. I'm interested to see how this fits in with all the new Burn strats we will see with the Draft support.

I like this guy in Draft and standard - although, his -4 is less relevant in Draft due to the random nature of the game.

King Piccolo, Giant Force Joins the throng of 3 drop red unisons. Dual Attack and Critical is quality.

- 2 to buff your (mono red) leader until the end of your opponents next turn is very nice and reminds me of Frieza, Metamorphic Threat from TB3.

-4 is damn expensive, but with no restriction on the amount of life you can burn - This will end games (provided you can get enough energy to do it.

With no self marker add to the card, you will either have to play cards that add markers to him - or hardcast with 9+ energy... One option is to play a R/U engine with Senzu Bean and Beerus, Divine Obliterator SC.

I'm sure we will see this guy in Burn and it could be a hoot to play in Frieza Prison. I can also see myself playing this in Draft


Raditz, Giant Force is another 3 cost 19k unison. Similar to King Picollo (above) he has no means of adding markers to self.

He is also a Blocker that's auto restands him once per turn when blocking.

+- 0 Draw 1 and stand at end of turn. Pretty good, ensure he is ready to block on your opponents turn

-2 to bounce an opponents battle card (I like that this has no energy restriction) and restand an energy at the end of turn.

I don't see this guy getting a lot of play in either draft or standard. Maybe if he had a means of adding markers?

Bardock, Giant Force looks Farqing sexy. Bandai have gone all out on the art in this release. I hope the foiling does it justice.

2 drop, 15k with no keyword skills.

+1 maker lets you search out Bardocks crew pieces. Decent.

-2 auto to negate an attack is great, and it's not a Counter keyword - getting around those pesky counter:counters we see so much of these days.

I like this card. I'm sure we will see play in Bardocks crew decks - giving you an extra "Free" negate along with the leader auto on Bardock, Hope of the Saiyans.

Not as useful in Draft - unless you pack an amazing amount of Bardocks Crew.

King Vegeta, Giant Force is a solid unison his -3 I like a lot

+1 to send an opponents battle card to hand (can we please start bottom decking, already)

-3 gives us options. I like options. You either fill your hand or (thank you) bottom deck your opponents Battle cards at the cost of 1 per card)

Seeing as this guy is only 15k - your opponent is going to go out of their way to take him out.

In Draft this could be great for hand advantage. In Regular - even better, especially in Ramp decks.


Hirudegarn, Giant Force is a damn good Unison.

What's that green players? you want a more robust 1 energy unison than Demigra to activate Dormant and Charismatic?

I'm just glad that he can't attack until he has 4+ markers on him.

His auto lets you discard a card to discard an opponents combo piece - once per turn.

+2 Dear Ribrianne, please go to the drop so that I can activate you and give this markers. Ta.

+1 KO any of your Hiru or Tapion pieces.

In my opinion, this is one of the better - if not best unisons in this release. It will see a hell of a lot of play in Standard.

In draft - it's very specific and much less viable than other unisons

Bio-Broly, Giant Force seems like such an odd inclusion as it's such an obscure and (I thought) unpopular character. I wonder if we will see a fully fleshed out Bio-Broly engine in the future?

His auto is pretty cool. The first of its kind we are seeing on a unison. At 1 energy, he's also ensuring your Dormant and Charismatic are alive from T1.

+1 drop a card to draw a card. Very solid.