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Sham-wow. Just as our wallets are starting to recover from all those BT11 pe=rr-orders, Bandai teases us with DB6.

Let's get to the cardboard.


The King is here! Dragon Balls King Picollo looks feisty and ready for a cuddle. This guy comes out to play for free when your Unison has 3 or more markers. I see him adding a nice boost to Set 10 Pilaf where your Triple Attack 2 drop Vegeta, Elite Unison is going HAM.

I hope we see more Namekian support in this draft box. #MakeNamekGreat

I hope this looks as good in foil as I think it will.

Do we have a new red staple? Options. we like options.

a. On your turn it's a +5k to any card (Leader, Unison - I see you Pilaf leader or Battle card)

b. On your opponents turn it's a Sn1per: AOD babidi or Slugs little homie Wings giving you a hard time? this will remove that threat.

GIANT FORCE! Or GFR is the unique rarity for DB6. What does Slug bring to the table?

Well. He's Critical. +1 token to drop a card and neg an opponents battle card by 10k. 'sokay.

-4 tokens.... well, you don't want to let this guy get to 4 tokens. If you plan on countering, that is. Activating the auto burns your opponent for 1 life. Many decks love a bit of burn. I'm keen to see how they utilize this gigantic pest.


Remember Bardocks Crew from TB3 (Clash of Fates)? No? me neither. This guy is the personfication of every Bardocks Crew player that wanted the archetype to be good. He pissed.

I really like this "evolving on a card from energy" business. It's something new for DBS (correct me if I am wrong).

A Double Stike 20k Ape that Restands at the end of your turn (provided you EX-evolved to get him out). Oh yeah, he's a Blocker too.... if that wasn't enough - go on, draw a card.

What I told you, that you could look at the top 2 cards of your deck, add 1 to hand and bottom deck the other? Not bad, huh? What if I told you it was free?

Yep. Shenanigans inbound


Shoryuken!. Oops, wrong game.

Options. Options are great.

Once per turn? nah - Just let me do it as often as I like. Chur.

Triple Strike, Barrier and he costs 5 energy...

a. I drop a card, kill ANY of your battle cards and remove 2 markers from your unison (when in battle area).

b. 1 Green energy, discard this guy and remove a marker from your opponents unison - I see you Blue unison with 2 markers.

Oh - and he is also a valid target for Intensive Training Son Goku.

I can be your Hiru, Baaaaaaaabbbbbyyyy.

Firstly, what is this 4 cost Hiru that you speak of? time will tell.

Options. More options. Fuck yes.

a. When he leaves via an opponents skill or is Ko'd he either plays the 4 drop (WHAT ARE YOU??!?) or Colossal Malice Hirudegarn from BT04. If you don't like that option, make your opponent drop 2 of your choice.

b. Oh, how about we trigger option a. by self KO'ing. As a thank you - choose 2 of your opponents Battle Cards to KO.

Also... the art. The first thing I saw rhymes with Rig Crown Tock.


Green/Yellow Slug. This guy will sit there all day with Wings, the Morale Booster under their Barriers, spoiling your day. You can also bring him out with Lord Slug, Young Again and Lord Slug, Agent of Destruction.

Can't find Wings? use the the Activate:Main to do so.

This guy is all kinds of good. Now excuse me while I dust off my Slug deck.

Dragon for Hire or rent. Good old translation makes Icarus sound like a draconic prostitute.

Son Gohan & Hire-Dragon, Boundless Friendship needed more Monsters. Thank you Bandai.

This guy will draw you a card from the leader effect and if you want a little bit more - pay 1Yellow energy to play 2 skill-less from deck or drop.

This is janky fun at its finest.

Who's a pretty Wolf? it's you! this guy will look damn good in all his foiled goodness.

Yellow needed a 1 drop Unison. Activating your freebie counters on turn 1 is nice (even if they aren't the best counters). Also sitting on 11k at turn one means your opponent needs to commit resources if they wish to take him down.

The second Activate: Main? Fancy having Chappil the Iron Drake or Oregano the Webslinger out to tap down your opponents energy? not too shabby.


Options! Do I Dark OR or OR to get you out?

Whatever I do, I will draw a card and warp an opponents Battle card.

He also forces your opponent to warp a card on attack.

He's also 30k - so may find a spot in Dark Broly.

A 20k Unison that you can bring out for 1 energy. Nice.

Every time an opponents battle card leaves their battle area - add a marker (once per turn). This lass won't be swinging until she has at least 3 markers - so get busy KO'ing.

Her first Activate: Main let's you drop a catd to Warp an opponents Battle card with 3 or less energy. Seems a bit Meh.

Her second is cool - Turn 4 play: Play her, swing for 20k then steal your opponents big bad to wreak havoc. Enjoy


I'm happy to see Bandai continue their support of the multicolour cards.

This time we have a KidKu arrival in R/G. He's 20k, has Double Strike and boy - that Activate:Battle is gonna be annoying. Not only does he drop an opponents combo card (once per turn). He also has a senzu-esque buff effect on your Unisons or Battle cards.

Well. Here's what Invoker players have been waiting for. A Counter: Counter which actually stops your oppoents Counter. He also restands an energy.

This is a crazy good buff for the Invoker archetype.

If this is just the beginning - I can't wait to see what other craziness is yet to come!

Thanks for reading,


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