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The Spice King #4 - Ginyu Force Assemble

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Hi Saibafam! This week I have a very special list that I have always loved playing ever since Peter Cattani revealed his list last year! I do not take any credit for the decks discovery however I wanted to share with you all my version of this really aggro/all-in deck build.

So here we go! Ginyu Force Assemble!

Leader: Caulifla/Caulifla Running Wild

This leader is pivotal to this deck working the way it does. Being able to potentially boost each Ginyu Force member by 10K by timing your awakening correctly. You definitely do not want to be taking ANY critical damage with this leader as you need all the life you can get into your hand.

Yellow/Red Ginyu Package x 4 of each

This is the main guts of the deck. Before Clash of Fates you would could only run the yellow members which still worked very well, however now you have access to the red burter and recoome for extra aggro pressure. Although you won’t be able to use their Auto’s, the double strike and critical makes up for this just fine in this deck as you will get both of these guys up to 20K+ respectively. Jeice is also a noteworthy battle card as he allows you to drop more members after he is played using his Auto. Guldo is simply there as a blocker and another body to play as you will not likely swing with him.

Ginyu, The Reliable Captain x 4

I am so glad I kept a playset of these guys. Ginyu is the star of the deck as he allows you to vomit your hand which will hopefully be full of Ginyu members. Now I will say, in this day and age it is very hard to do this without a counter:play card disrupting you so make sure you pay attention to your opponents energy before going all in. Earlier you play him the better. Trust me.

Avenging Frieza x 4

Frieza helps you get more bodies into your hand. He also can become a threat if left on the board long enough!

Furthering Destruction Champa x 2

If you manage to drag the turn count out to 5/6 and have energy to spare, this can come in handy at clutch moments. Ideally you want to use this on a red Burter swing for a double crit. Double strike wins games!

Powerful Bond Ginyu Force x 4

Another card you want to play ideally if you have the extra energy due to it being turn 4/5. This gives all of your Ginyu Force members another 5k on top of what Caulifla has given. This means you may get an extra 15k onto every member making most of them swing for 25k each!

Krillin, Unforeseen Savior x 4

I preferred this super combo over any other as you want to have the 10k ready at all times in case of a critical swing early on.

Crusher Ball x 2

If you are planning on stalling out the game to get to turn 4 and above this card does help. Generally I would charge this after turn 3 if I did not need it so I recommend using it on big threats early.

Flying Nimbus x 3

Just like Crusher Ball, Nimbus is here to stall. You want to slow down your opponent as much as you can so you can manage your own life yourself and not take too much damage unwillingly.

Weak Spot Protection x 2

This card is actually super handy in this deck as it is essentially a yellow (which means in this deck chargeable) Unbreakable Super Saiyan Son Goku that you can use with this leader as Caulifla is U6.

Recoome Eraser Gun x 1

This is in here for a bit of fun, If you get this card pre turn 4 just charge it, otherwise if you need to stall after turn 4 and you find this card then give it a go. Although you will not negate the first attack (hopefully their leaders), you will however, stop them from attacking at all afterwards due to the second part of the Auto.

Here's the DBS Decks link!

So there it is! This is how I have been playing this deck lately, mostly because I was trolling my friends. I was surprised how many times I was able to completely blindside my opponent and win so many games with this build. Mostly because they did not expect it!

I will say some big counters to the deck are Flying Nimbus and Senzu Bean as both cards are designed to slow down and stop multiple swings/swarm aggro. However if you take notice of your opponents energy you can really mess with them.

Again, I have enjoyed doing these fun/spicy deck lists for you guys and I really hope you have enjoyed them too! This will be my second last list before the Finals in 3 weeks so stay tuned for my next instalment next week!

Until then, take care Saibafam!

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content!

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles! Andy has been adding older sets so you can get your hands on cards for this very deck if you want to troll your friends!

~ Chris Trevenar AKA The Spice King

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