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Good Games Sydney Results - w/e 04/04/21

Hey all,

A busy week in Sydney, with local tourneys at 3 different GG stores.

Good Games Hurstville - Tuesday 30/04/21

Our first week at the now company owned and managed store.

Locals commence each week at 6pm:

1st Place: Jono Maurer back at it with Launch:

2nd Place: Danial Khan piloting Dennis Lau's Gotenks:

3rd Place: David Lu with Majin Vegeta:

Good Games Central - Wednesday 31/03/21

The first week of DBS Locals at Central! A big thanks to Ivan and James for hosting us and we look forward to building a community here - all are welcome.

Locals run each Wednesday at 6:30pm:

1st place: Allen Lu running Tien Shinhan:

2nd place: Saibaman Simon with his ClashKu:

3rd place: David Lu with Majin Vegeta:

Good Games Top Ryde - Thursday 01/04/21

Ryde locals taking the top 3 spots this week. 2 of 3 just happen to be Saibamen ;)

Ryde locals run every Thursday starting at 6:30pm:

1st Place: Dylan Furey striking fear with Janemba:

2nd Place: Casey White bringing it with Baby: Decklist TBC

3rd Place: Simon Keith with lil Dende:

That's it for the week. Thanks for stopping by


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