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Good Games Sydney Results - w/e 11/04/21

Updated: Apr 14

Another busy week of locals at Good Games.

Starting Tuesday with Good Games Hurstville.

In 1st place: Allen Lu with Frieza and a whole lotta green good shit: https://dbs-deckplanet.com/deck/1916

In 2nd place: Dennis Lau rocking the Aggro Syn: https://dbs-deckplanet.com/deck/2022

In 3rd place: Tommy Bowler tapping it all down with SS Gotenks: https://dbs-deckplanet.com/deck/1915

Wednesday at Good Games Central - our second week of DBS saw everybody's nephew Arnob taking first.

In 1st place: Arnob "I built this from scratch" Matin with Dark Broly: Decklist pending

In 2nd place: Ché back to his KP antics: https://dbs-deckplanet.com/deck/828

In 3rd place: Tommy Bowler once again bringing it with 'Tenks: https://dbs-deckplanet.com/deck/1915

Thursday at Good Games Top Ryde saw a full house.

In 1st place and all the way from the 'Gong Jono Maurer with Android 16: https://dbs-deckplanet.com/deck/2025

In 2nd with A16: Dylan Furey: https://dbs-deckplanet.com/deck/1938

In 3rd with Turles: Daniel Chamberlain: https://dbs-deckplanet.com/deck/1937

That's it!

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