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Green cardboard - DB4 Green Card Preview

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

For my second article, I'll be bringing you an in depth look at the new draft box exclusive cards, as well as the green reprints that will compliment them. Without further adieu, we'll start with:

This card is... interesting. In draft play if it could be useful - there are a few 10k battle cards that will get this effect off - but in constructed I don't see this getting played at all. Green has better self awakeners.

This Trunks has a lot of synergy with the Goku above. This card however is rather excellent on it's own in a draft format. We know that there are a bunch of 1 drop 10k cards in this draft box, so this engine will provide a lot of pressure, and the fact that you can't deck out makes this event better.

Similar to the Trunks above, King Vegeta put threats on board, which is great in a draft format. The caveat for this card is that it requires a green leader, which in draft isnt an issue with the multi colour Vegeta, but in constructed it limits it's use a bit. Not having synergy with the King Vegeta leader is a bit sad, however it could be decent for players trying to make the Raditz deck work due to the 2 drop 10ks the deck plays.

The activate main ability provides great pressure considering the card spawns bodies it can sack to gain Double Strike.

The Brief family make an appearance and it's an interesting one at that.

Dr. Brief is on field removal like we've seen with the other colours. Can't see him ever being used in constructed - green has better options for removal - but in draft, any late game removal is decent.

Mrs Brief searches 5 deep for a 1 drop battle card of any colour. Different, but not overly useful unless you need something very specific that doesn't have another way to search it out.

Ah Bulma - the original waifu. This card is interesting. Extra card searching isn't very common in this game so far, one of the most prevalent examples is Golden Frieza, The Majestic Emperor. I can't think of an extra card you would need bad enough to run this in constructed, but I may be wrong so we will see. In draft, take it or leave it.

Nail & BT2 Piccolo are the first of the green reprints we are reviewing. There's no doubt that Nail is a great draw engine in draft, and he will likely be played heavily in that format. The Piccolo blocker will be getting a foil version which hasn't been available previously. We are slowly getting more Namekians, with a new Piccolo SR. Interesting that this is eerily similar to the BT4 Piccolo SR. It trades Double Strike and unrestricted (non barrier) removal for a draw engine. I'm not sure the trade off is worth it.

Edit: some keen eyed readers just pointed out to me that the new Piccolo's SR is Activate:Battle which completely changes my view on it. This is far superior to the old SR, and can be used to devastating affect!

Let's kill Krillin in draft format! I've loved this combo since it came out, and the fact that they are printing more and more support for it is awesome. The New Krillin is a draw 2 drop 1 which we have been seeing a lot more lately. Great deck filtering, but the sparking 10 requirement to make him a 2 drop means this won't be played early game like the anniversary box Krillin is.

Having the CoF blocker Krillin and Final Showdown Son Goku reprinted will make for some fun draft shenanigans!

Green Zamasu and Goku Black!!!

It's great to see more support for this engine, and this support is actually really good. Both the Zamasu 2 drop and the Goku Black 3 drop have arrival-like activate battle skills. For one energy, the Zamasu comes into play during battle and KOs a 1 drop. Black pops a 2 drop for 2. Both of these cards then set up Hero's Mafuba on your opponent's turn while also potentially popping an attacking battle card. You can then play the 5 drop Fused Zamasu for 1 by sacking them. Excellent combos aplenty!

Terror Scythe and Evil Psyche are being reprinted, so the Fused Zamasu engine looks viable for draft.

Machine mutant tokens!

Another planet M2 makes it's way into the game. Meant to be run as a 4 of, it plays a machine mutant token on activation, then it has an activate main skill that sacks it to KO an opponents 1 drop and draw if you do. Which then leaves room for it to be played again, and the cycle continues. This card can also be reused by adding it to hand from the drop area with the Myuu's ability. Like most of the Machine Mutant cards, I don't see this combo being played in constructed. The Myuu however could see use in Cell/Andoids.

As was with the Critnemba SR in the blue reveal, this Super 17 seems out of place with the rest of the reveals. More made to support that archetype. This will be useful in draft however, being able to grab precious extra cards from your drop AND warp a card from your opponents hand is very strong, let alone twice a turn for 4 energy! This card is also further proof Bandai are making cards that play around the Tao silver bullet.

More OG Broly support is coming with Broly, Free at Last (worth mentioning that this card also supports Broly:BR). The Auto on this card reads really strangely, but I gather that you can sack it after it attacks to play the 6 drop SR (a card worthy of it's reprint) from the drop. A strong play that will only help OG Broly come to the forefront in constructed. Getting a Broly, Dawn of Rampage foil that isn't a judge card will be welcome!

Broly, Cheelai & Lemo. Name a more iconic trio! The most useful of the three in draft will likely be the Cheelai. A free blocker can do wonders! Broly will also be great to control your opponents board.

More green gods to make Hero's Mafuba that much more viable. Beerus is great removal in draft, but the steep energy cost means it likely won't see play in constructed.

Slumber Strike... now let me first say; I love cards that give you options, and this card is no different. It works as a Father Son Kamehameha (difference is it needs a green leader) and also straight removal, so it isn't useless late game. I think this will see play in both formats.

One of these for each colour. Not overly interesting, but another tool in the belt.

And finally we have the rest of the reprints that we haven't covered in the rest of the article. Super Saiyan Gotenks is the best of the bunch. We all know this card was a bomb and a half back at the beginning of the game (some even called for it to be banned), and I think draft is a great format for us to fall in love with him again!

I hope you enjoyed this rundown. Like us on Facebook for more posts and reveals.

~ Sam

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