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Green with Envy - Set 10 Reveals #6

Here we are again! A new week brings new set 10 reveals. This time it's some of the green cards we'll be seeing. As predicted in my YT video, we are getting support for green Frieza's Army. One of my favourite sets of characters in the series is Cap and his band of posing weirdos, so I'm happy we're getting more of these guys!

Ginyu//Ginyu, New Leader of the Force is our new green Frieza's army leader. He revolves around green Ginyu Force cards which of course don't exist yet, so will be coming this set. When he attacks, you can look at the top card of your deck, play it if it's a green Ginyu Force, then draw a card. Top card is optimistic, but since you draw a card anyway, it's pretty darn good. He then awakens at 4 or when you have 4 Ginyu Force on the field (nice that it doesn't specify green here).

On his awakened side, it's Goku Ginyu, the same as the old yellow leader. He has the same auto as the front side. He then has an activate battle that buffs one of your Ginyu Force battle cards by 10k for the battle. Pretty much a 10k combo without dropping a card, which is okay, but nothing amazing.

I'm thinking G/Y Ginyu force with Cell Xeno is looking tasty.

Our first green unison is Golden Frieza, Unison of Malice. He's a 2 green cost 15k SR. Strange that it's Golden Frieza when we have Frieza Saga Ginyu. He does look amazing though. He has a +1 that draws a card and then you put a card on top of your deck and he gets critical. So this guy is a 15k crit for 2 which is decent. His -2 is very good, it stops your opponent from attacking unless they place one of their 2 cost or more battle cards in the drop area. That's potentially very difficult. I'm liking this card a lot, but I still like this next one better.

So we've seen this guy before. I still think he's one of the best Unison cards revealed so far. Take a look at my thoughts here:

This guy was straight out of left field. A Green Demigra? I can hardly comprehend haha. Demigra, Unison of Sorcery is the first 1 specified cost unison we've seen so far. He only has 5k power, but he has a Permanent that protects him from being removed by allowing you to take a life instead if he is attacked. His +1 gives him 10k for the turn so he can attack for 15k. His second unison skill is -3. It allows you to KO two of your opponent's battle cards with a cost of 3 or less ignoring barrier. It's good, but I don't see this card being played that much to be honest, it's just not as powerful as some of the other Unison cards.

Here's another card that we've seen some of already. Son Goku//Ferocious Strike SS Son Goku's backside was revealed in the initial set 10 release, and I spoke about it here:

The front side has the same burst 3 draw auto as the back, he also is able to awaken if one og your battle cards is KOd, which goes nicely with the Bardock unison. He can come out turn 2, pop a 1 drop, then you can awaken. Very nice!

A short and sweet set of cards for today's reveal. We'll be back tomorrow with the next set of cards!

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

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