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Heroes vs Villains - Set 8 Booster Box Leak

How's everyone's week so far?

It's been a busy one for us with the Draft Box being released, and now the Set 8 booster box pic was leaked! I had a look and manipulated the image to see what details I could find out.

The Original Leaked Image

The original image came from an Italian website. It was taken down shortly after it was discovered by eagle eyed DBS fans. We can see that the set will include Android support, which is a godsend, and this also confirms what we know - that the set will be largely based on movie and game content. Super Baby 2 will make his debut, along with other villains new to the game, Hatchiyack, Dr Kochin, and Dr Wheelo.

The booster packs are clearly visible. Although we know that they tend to just be placeholder images.

There are two types of Campaign Rares this set. The good guys are the "Noble Hero Rares" and the bad guys are the poorly titled "Ignoble Villain Rares". Let's start with the heroes. I apologise for the quality, but this is the best we could do.

Beerus, Destructive Villain is the red IVR (I'm just going to call them this, we don't actually know their rarity). As is with all these cards, we cant make out much of the text at all other than the name. It's a 2 specified red 2 cost card with a permanent. It has 0+5000 combo.

The Ultimate Waifu has arrived! Android 21, Destructive Villain is the Blue IVR. It's a 2 Blue specified 4 cost battle card with what could possibly be EX Evolve, or possibly a new Keyword Skill, and an Auto. It has 20k power and 0+5000 combo.

This card is more difficult to make out, although from the picture I think it's Dr. Wheelo, Destructive Villain. A 2 Green specified 4 cost card with what is likely a new Keyword skill, an Auto and an Activate skill of some sort. It has 20k battle power and 0+5000 combo.

Super Baby 2, Destructive Villain. A 1 Yellow specified cost 3 drop yellow IVR. It again seems to have a new keyword skill, and also an auto that looks like it may affect Awaken & Wish skills! It has 15k battle power and 0+5000 combo.

Edit: Mason Dellucky wrote to us to point out that "it looks like it’ll gain dual attack when the opponent’s leader awakens, or possibly de-awakens, for the duration of the turn."

It could also go off possibly when you awaken or wish during your turn.

The final IVR is an extra card. Villainous Counterstrike. It has a permanent that looks like it makes the card gain a special trait in all areas. The Activate skill looks like it says "Your leader card is ???:" and continues on, so it could be an activate battle.

Okay, now on to the Noble Hero Rares.

Vegeta, Prideful Hero is the first of the NHR cards. A 2 specified red 4 cost card. It has 15k battle power and 0+5000 combo. I'm sensing a theme here, it looks like this card has a new Keyword skill, simply by how much text is after the red skill box. It also has an activate skill.

There are two Goku cards in the NHR pool, which is really annoying when there are so many other heroes they could have tapped. This is Son Goku, Prideful Hero, a 2 specified Blue cost 3 drop card. It has 10k battle power and 0+5000 combo. It has a keyword skill and two Activate skills.

Piccolo, Prideful Hero is the Green NHR. Piccolo 4 drops seem to be a theme over the last few sets. This one is a specified 2 Green 4 cost battle card. It has 0+5000 combo and 20k battle power. It looks like it has Critical or possibly Barrier, plus a new Keyword Skill and an Activate once pwer turn skill.

Another SS4 Goku for the GT Fans! This time in Yellow, SS4 Son Goku, Prideful Hero is a 1 specified Yellow 3 cost card with 15k battle power and 0+5000 combo. It looks to have Barrier, and a new keyword skill. It also has a permanent which reads "Permanent: Only 1 {SS4 Son Goku, Prideful Hero} can be played in your battle area". The Auto skill seems to effect Awaken and Wish skills.

Heroic Strike is the 5th and final NHR, and the final card we are talking about today. It's an extra card, and let me just say, that card art is some of the most beautiful I've seen in this game to date, and that's looking at the potato version of the card! It has a permanent that gives it a special trait, and an activate skill similar to Villainous Counterstrike. Important to note that both this and Villainous Counterstrike are black one cost extra cards, which points to them supporting multiple leaders in a Hero vs Villain archetype of sorts.

We will keep working on deciphering the text and report back if we find anything more out. Hit us up on Facebook if you find anything more out and we will add it to this post and credit you!

In addition to the above, the below is a previous leak showing the new Starter and Expert deck details and more set 8 details.

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content!

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles!

~Sam Russell

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