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How does Vegeks continue in the wake of a U3 ban?

Holy crap y'all! They went and banned U3! I think we all knew that the cards should be banned at some point, but no one thought it would happen before anyone even gets to play DB5 in a big event! I feel for everyone who paid the exorbitant prices for Gohan and the U3 cards that's for sure.

Let's take a look at the banned cards first, then I'll provide some suggestions for how the deck can be played, and be competitive, without U3.

All of these cards were first erratad before DB5 was even released because Bandai realised how strong they were. Now they went that one step further, and from July 17, these cards are officially BANNED.

Most Vegeks decks based the whole gameplan around these guys, so let's look at a couple of ways to play the deck without them. First the traditional Vegeks line.

This is something I threw together quickly, but it gets the point across. This build focuses on the Trunks/Vegeta fusion cards as well as the Black Masked Saiyan burn cards. Utilising Trunks, Elite Descendant to bring out Vegeta, Reluctant Reinforcements, which provides you with the fusion pieces, as well as either of the BMS cards that burn life. Once you have over realmed, you can use the Goku ISR to refill your drop area for your leader skill as well as provide pressure. You may want to add the Championship Vegeks to the deck (see pic below).

This card is geared towards helping you out when your board gets wiped as it only comes out for free when you have no battle cards in play and your opponent has 3 or more energy. Still a good inclusion, but not a 4 of like the rest of the free play cards.

Now the above version of the deck is on the budget side, but will still be a very powerful optin for players that want to use Vegeks post U3 Ban.

To buff it somewhat, you may want to consider running Black Smoke Dragon, Eternal Evil, Boyond Darkness Demigra, or SS4 Gogeta, Prideful Fusion.

Another build I have been looking at is a bit more out of left field, and also a lot of fun:

The policeman is here to save Vegeks! I've loved this chain since it was revealed. It's powerful, as well as fun. This mostly focuses on Katopesla, and his chain of big hitters. It also contains cards to help fix your hand such as Son Goku, Saiyan Instincts, Fu, Mission Accomplished & Majin Buu, Wickedness Incarnate. You want to go up the chain as fast as possible and start whacking your opponent with some heavy Crit! I've included Black Smoke Dragon, Eternal Evil as the SCR as you should have a large drop. A Crack in Spacetime is a fun way to end a game which your opponent may not see coming!

All in all, I think the ban is a good thing, I just think the timing is questionable. Maybe Bandai should add potential ban list timing after each tournament?

Thanks for reading guys!

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