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Invoker or Successor - Set 10 Reveals #22

The final multicolour cards were revealed today. Two SRs round out the sets multicolour support, and they're doozies. Bandai chose to support invoker and successor with these SRs, and players of both archetypes will be happy.

Son Goku, Rival Seeker

The invoker support comes in the form of a 3 cost Goku. This card is snapped. It's a free 10k combo if you have a red/blue multicolour extra card in the drop, which with UI surge can be live as early as turn 1. Once you have this guy in play, he allows you to play a 6 drop red/blue Goku on top of him when you have 5 energy. Meaning your big UI Gokus come out at least a turn earlier!

This is a big boost to invoker, allowing you to play your catastrophic blows earlier and close out the game, or play the promo UI to pressure hard. Another fun interaction is that it's a quicker way to bring out Son Goku, the Awakened Power.

The one issue with this card is it's ultra susceptible to counter play. It will be removed the majority of the time. If it isn't though, you're golden.

Cell, the Dark Parasite

The second reveal today is the Cell Xeno we've been waiting for. This guy comes out in a couple of ways. He can be played for free if you have a 7 or 9 cost Cell in play using the yellow Two Star Ball, Parasitic Darkness. Unlike the Frieza Xeno set up, you can just play this guy without the need to put him on top of another Cell. This provides you with a way of getting a high successor count early.

He also provides excellent draw power for Cell Surge. You can drop this guy early game with your leader skill, then banish him to draw one and take up to one life. That really helps solve one of the issues with the Cell Surge deck!

He then has a psuedo Successor skill that allows you to sack all your battle cards and play him from hand if you have 4 or more energy. I think this is a great extra push for game, and also a way to get your successor up if your opponent is disrupting your board.

They were the only two reveals today. Quality not quantity isn't bad though.

We were lucky to get some insight into the Unison promos that will be going to players that purchase the Expansion packs at their LGS. SS Rose Goku Black, Unison of Extermination has a special "New Series Coming Soon" stamped version that you can acquire as a bonus! There will be another promo version with a shenron background, along with the Soul Striker Goku reboot available at set 10 pre release. We went in depth on these cards in a previous article:

That's it for today's article. I hope you enjoyed it! We'll be back tomorrow with expansion pack box opnenings!

~ Sam Russell

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

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