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Is Black a Real Colour Now? - Set 11 Reveals #3

G'day guys! I know the headline was a little baity, but let me explain. Black started out as a support colour, and has slowly evolved since then to have multiple mono black archetypes. The only difference is that black cards have no specified energy cost. That meant that a lot of black cards could be put in any deck you like, regardless of energy. That is still mostly the case, however, with set 11 we are seeing the first of what will hopefully be many cards that has a specified black requirement! Exciting news!

So Bandai revealed some cards from Yellow & Black today (where's blue!?). I'll start with Yellow.

Our first yellow leader card is Gohan! So cool to see a Kid Gohan leader. This card is the first leader that is geared completely towards 10k skilless cards. His permanent gives your leader a 5k boost on your turn when you have a skill less in play. He draws and self awakens on attack, then draws 2 on awaken at 4 life.

Hire Dragon (Icarus) joins Gohan on the awakened side, giving him two brand new traits: Monster & Rider. Monster seems to just be a standard trait, but Rider is an interestng one, I don't see the need for that trait, so it might come into play at some point. Gohan has an activate main skill that draws a card and plays a 1 drop yellow skill less card from your drop. Value city, this guy is like a better version of Chilled. He can also draw a card once per turn when you combo a Monster card. Cool to see if this finally makes 1 drop skill less playable.

Our second leader is one that many of us have been waiting for! Garlic Jr. is an Overloard leader that draws 1 on attack. He can awaken at 4 life or if you have a 3 cost unison in play.

Awakened this guy still has overlord of course. He draws on attack and once per turn he can play a 2 cost yellow demon clan when one of your opponent's cards attacks. Pretty strong, since that potentially sets up overlord for yor next turn. I'm kinda dissapointed this guy doesn't have some kidt of immortality skill similar to the old Zamasu, but he still seems super strong.

Kid Goku (GT) makes an appearance as one of yellow's new unison cards. He has a very interesting skill that blanks all battle cards with 5 or less energy, and buffs all of your 1 drops by 5k, making those skill less cards 15k base. This guy is clearly meant for use with the Gohan leader. He has a +0 thatplays 2 of your 1 drop skill less from drop, and he has a -2 that restricts your opponent so that they can only attack once with battle cards. Not gonna lie, if theres a way to plus markers on this guy, he could be great!

Baby is the SR yellow Unison for this set. He's a blocker that buffs himself and your leader by 5k if you have 2 yellow battle cards in rest mode. He can plus 1 to restand at the end of your turn, meaning he can pressure and defend, which is great. He has a -2 that is a nerfed version of the Broly leaders skill, it untaps a 5 or less yellow battle card, allowing you to swing twice with that battle card!

On to black, and our first leader is Xeno Goku! On the front side he bursts 3 and draws then can self awaken as an option. He awakens at 4, untapping and drawing 1. This guy can be used with the free play cards from the Vegeks starter which is cool! This guy is going to be a great new over realm leader.

Goku goes SS4 as he awakens. He's got double strike, and he gains 5k for every 8 black battle cards in your warp. I think this combined with the Bibidi supercombo will be wild. I wouldn't be surprised if that card gets banned, but that would hinder the Buu archetype a lot so we'll see. He can set up over realm again with his activate main, and draw a card. I'm liking this leader a lot, and I think I'll build him and Gotenks next set.

Dark Broly makes his second appearance, this time with his father on a leader card. I won't be able to say much about this card until we see more reveals, because all his skills are geared towards 30k battle cards, and I'm not sure why yet. He has an activate main that self awakens and searches top 5 for 3 30k battle cards and sends them to drop. He draws on attack, and awakens at 4 to draw 2.

More 30k battle card shenanigans on his awakened side let you refill your drop and draw a card once per turn. He can buff himself by 5k if you drop a 30k from hand or the battle area. At this point I really don't understand the archetype yet, so not much else to say here.

New Broly meets old Broly in a frightening team up. This Broly unison cant attack with 2 or less markers. His first activate main allows you to fill your drop from your warp similar to the leader and +1 marker. His second unison skill gives us a bit of clarity on the 30k battle card thing, but still not enough to explain the archetype. He lets you place up to 8 30ks from warp to drop, then gives your Dark Broly leader +15k for the turn. All still a big mystery!

SS4 Gohan is here! He's super strong over realm support (Towa is happy about this). He adds a marker when you activate Over realm once per turn. He also has a +1 on top of that which allows you to get your drop ready for over realm. His -3 gets you two 20-30k battle cards from warp to hand, then gives him 15k and dual attack for the turn similar to the SS3 Gotenks unison. This guy is great black support, but he isn't able to pressure early on his own which is a bit of a pain.

Now this is a good looking card. I'm not even a SS4 person and this looks boss. Another SS4 saiyan with 5k power, how disappointing! That being said, this card is so strong in other ways. He forces your opponent to discard once per turn when they play a battle card with a non keyword skill (amazing). He then has the first ever auto unison skill that +2 when you use over realm and lets you draw a card (If Towa was happy before, she's now ecstatic!). He's a card of firsts given his -5 skill! It costs 4 BLACK specified energy! That's so cool! Not only do the black dots look awesome, this means that black is getting specified energy costs, at least in some form. Oh, and the -5 deals one damage by sending a card from your opponent's life to their warp. Awesome!

SS4 Vegeta marks the last of the new reveals. There's a lot to take in with this one. Black specified energy, what a change!

I'm off to keep toilet training my new pug Rosie. I hope you enjoyed the article! We'll be back soon with more!

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