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Is Blue/Green Saved? - Set 10 Reveals #21

The second lot of multicolour cards have been revealed, this time the rares (it looks like there may only be two uncommon multicolours? Random). There's a lot of arrival in this set of reveals, which I think is great. Blue/Yellow has a great arrival card (I feel that they lack them the most) that will do really well in the upcoming unison meta.

Vegeta & Trunks, No Holds Barred

This card is a cheap "token wipe" for red/green. He comes out for two and pops battle cards that add up to 4 or less. Not bad, but 2 energy for a 16k beater that is also small card removal just isn't that good. Especially with the 1 cost combo clogging your hand. I think the art is nicer than the card. I mean seriously, look at that, it's amazing.

Vegeta & Bulma, Joined by Fate

Next is red/yellow with a different kind of pairing. Vegeta is still showing off his family, but this time Bulma is front and centre. This card is a 1 red arrival that draws a card when it's played. Once per turn you can pay two energy to play a 3 cost yellow saiyan with 20k power in your hand and play it. This is obiously an easier way to play the dredded Son Goku, Absolute Annihilation. Personally I thought that card was strong enough at 3 energy, but this makes it even better! you can play this using arrival, draw a card and attack, then play the 3 cost. There are a few other 3 cost yellow Saiyans to play too, like the 3 drop offereing goku from set 8! Lots of value for 3 energy.

Son Goku & Hit, Supreme Alliance

Another arrival card for Blue/Yellow is welcome, since the only real universal one we have is Boujack, and it's just okay. This guy comes in for one blue, and is a blocker like Boujack, but he can block twice a turn. You can block once, then during battle activate his skill to restand. The real kicker though is that this guy can also restand on attack, meaning he's a great pressure card to try and remove markers from unison cards, which will be an extremely important part of the meta.

Son Gohan & Piccolo, Skills Sharpened

The final card of the reveal is the blue/green rare. This guy is the new boss card for bg, considering the only real boss card was 21 and it's now gone. He won't make people who loved that card happy, but he is actually a decent finisher, albeit expensive. He's a 6 drop 25k, which means he dodges most counter play cards. Once he's on the field he hits three times for double strike. Good pressure at a cheaper energy cost than

Violent Predator. When he's in your hand you can discard him for one energy to pop 2 battle cards with 3 or less. Decent removal that's for sure. I like this card. It also helps that I like the characters. The more namekian cards the better.

That's it for the reveals today. We'll be back tomorrow with whatever Bandai decides to show us! I think the majority of the multi cards shown so far are great support. What do you think of the multi cards?

~ Sam Russell

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