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Jacked up Boujack - Katacolumn #1

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Hey fellow terrible deck enthusiasts, new Saibaman Stuart here.

With the release of each new set, I find myself drawn back to my favourite archetype - Boujack Space Pirates. With each new addition to the card pool, I inevitably add some cards, try some revisions and finally put the deck down for another meta cycle; bringing it out only for Teams events, to surprise my opponents (for now) and worry my teammates.

Recently however, after I discovered how to read and actually interpret some of the set 9 cards, I found myself refreshed and desperate to try once more to make Boujack the true Pirate Captain he should be.

So without further ado, here is my current best effort!

4x Space Pirate Bujin / 4x Space Pirate Zangya / 4x Space Pirate Bido

Here is the core of the space pirate brigade. Each of these weasley little 3k's fills an important role in the deck.

Be aware however that you can only have 1 of each of these on the field at all times.

Bujin is our enabler; he allows us to play another 1-2 cost Boujack Brigade from hand for free, and when combo'd from the battle area, allows us to tap down an opponent's battle card.

Zangya is our multitool; she lets us go into the deck and grab any 1 cost space pirate and play it, letting us get the one we're missing. She also has the ability to place herself in the drop area to give a Boujack critical!

Bido is our searcher; he allows us to search the top 5 for another Boujack Brigade card (there's 28 total in the deck.) He also doubles as a recycler, letting us place him in the drop then choose upto 5 1-2 cost Boujack Brigade to shuffle back into the deck.

1x Space Pirate Gokua / 2x Boujack, Agent of Destruction

Gokua finds himself in a fairly niché role, being a target for Bujin to free play and finding himself with a not completely useless ability to keep a battle card tapped for one round. However his real value lies in being able to play a 3 cost Boujack card from hand for 1. This will only ever be used as an emergency backup but it's nice to have options.

Boujack, AoD was initially the only way available to the deck to stay on theme and interact with barrier cards. With the addition of Expansion Set 5 we were able to trim this card down to 2 copies to free up space for other cards but still maintain a good count of evolve targets.

4x Boujack, Pirate's Pride

Pirate's Pride was a god send when Expansion set 5 dropped. This gave us a way to not only negate with a target for Boujack, the Plunderer to evolve onto, but allowed us to trigger Boujacks card draw on your opponents turn.

4x Boujack, Resonant Agent of Destruction

Arrival Boujack gives the deck another option to play on your opponents turn and trigger the leader draw effect. This can also trigger Son Goku DPR giving you 2 blockers.

3x Boujack, the Plunderer

Plunderer, or 8jack as I lazily call him, is the main reason I don't ever give up on the deck. His effect when played at 5 or more life taps all your opponents cards (excluding battle cards with barrier.) By itself this is strong but the real strength is his second auto. Your opponent warps 1 card from their hand for every card they untap. Everytime they untap. Your turn, their turn, regardless.

3x Arrival of the Space Pirates

Arrival rounds out the Boujack Brigade key pieces. This extra lets up grab the particular piece of the Boujack Brigade that we need when we need it. The trade off is that it's played in rest mode.

3x Beerus, Fickle God

Beerus helps us get our blue yellow multicolour count up just high enough to make it reasonable that we find and charge one before it becomes a problem.

3x Son Goku, Father and Son

The yellow Son Goku DPR slots into the deck nicely as a free blocker we can free play on either turn when triggered by combo'ing either Bujin from the field, Zamasu Super Combo or arrivaling Boujack RAoD and resting a battle card. This flexibility while being a blocker makes it an almost necessary survival piece in the deck.

3x Great Ape Son Goku, Saiyan Instincts

Draw ape Goku isn't a required piece of the deck, but I always found Boujack as a deck suffered from low hand size and this was only exacerbated by bad draws or being unable to stick Boujack Brigade every turn to draw and cycle the deck. The draw ape helps mitigate this by simply allowing us to draw 2 any turn we find ourselves with an abundance of unspent energy.

1x Black Smoke Dragon, Eternal Evil

People might be asking why I'm even putting a SCR in the deck at all, and for the longest time I agreed; it felt like a wasted slot. With the reveal of Black Smoke in set 9 I saw an opportunity to shore up several of Boujacks weaknesses using 1 card - lacking an alternate, inevitable finisher through mill, and efficient board clear against massed battle cards or cards with barrier. It also helps we can almost always play him for 5 whenever we need him.

2x Zamasu, Sacred Disbelief / 2x Merciless Strike Zangya

Having a 2/2 split here seemed the most logical and in testing I've found it pretty effective. Zamasu is live from turn 1 and helps facility Boujack RAoD arrival and Son Goku DPR free plays whilst allowing us to defend against aggro, while Zangya gets live fairly early and we want to protect our life most of the time.

3x Light Bullet

With so many cheap battle cards on the field and notoriously low hand sizes, why wouldn't we run this over Nimbus?

4x Vegeta's Final Flash

This. Card. Makes. The. Deck. Finally Boujack has access to an answer to barrier threats, victory strike, big triple strikers, and all other manor of obscene finisher in the format. 1 energy to +15k, ignore barrier and negate all skills for the turn? Yeah give me 4 copies of that and let me have a chance to win!

See the full decklist here:

Have a look at Stuart's Boujack in action on our YouTube Channel!

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles!

~ Stuart Holland AKA Kataclysm

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