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JankStorm - A fun Bo1 'Storm' Deck

I was interested in a certain interaction between a set 8 rare and the swap mechanic when the set was first revealed, and I thought I'd make a fun deck around that interaction. Let me warn you, this deck would probably be better with another leader (read: Yellow Broly - because most decks are), but I've been wanting to play Starterku again, so I decided to do that.

Super Saiyan God Son Goku/SSGSS Son Goku, The Soul Striker

I decided to use this leader because it really brings the old 'storm' feel back into the deck with the energy untap skill. It means that even if you manage to get a yellow/blue energy on turn 1, you can still attack 3 times that turn (when going second). It also allows for extended plays later in the game.

Next up, the decks main beaters/the storm.

4x Adoptive Father Son Gohan, 4x Dependable Dynasty Son Gohan, 1x Gine, Here to Support, 4x Son Goku, the Rescuer

The swap package has a new honorary member in Son Goku, the Rescuer. This card means you can have the same two attacks for one energy that you used to get with Bardock, the Progenitor, without the self awakening (so it definitely isn't as good). The plus is that both attacks are 15k. The idea with the deck is to always try and charge a multi energy turn 1. If you're first it means you can pop off with major damage turn 2. If you're second, turn one you charge a multi, attack with leader, play Gohan into one of the swap targets (and play Rescuer for free) then attack, potentially dealing 3 damage on turn 1. The problem with this build is the lack of hand advantage/size. Hence the heavy lean on the following self awakeners. Gine is in there as an extra 15k target, her auto doesn't proc.

4x Awakening Talent Pan & 4x SS3 Goku, the Last Straw

These don't really need an explanation. Apart from self awakening, Goku provides early double strike pressure, and Pan keeps your hand size healthy, and is also another way to proc your Son Goku, the Rescuer if you don't see your swap pieces.

Turn 2 there is a particular play I'm very fond of, and that's this guy:

4x Goku Black, Unforseen Darkness

This card is possibly the MVP of this deck. Playing this helps with the draw issues the deck has, and also allows you to untap at the end of your turn which leaves you energy for defense.

2x Vegeta, Energy Salvo

This card is extra multi energy, and also a nice way to get a blocker on board while also keeping your hand size. With the Goku Black's, you generally have spare energy on defense, so this is one way to use it.

1x Power of Potara - Vegeta, Kefla & Zamasu

This card isn't a necessity. Worst case it's a multi energy, best case it's a decent finisher.

1x Mira, Creator Absorbed

Mira, combined with the next card, is a potent finisher, and is excellent to close out the game when they have defended all your other attacks. It may be worth running another one of these.

2x Furthering Destruction Champa, 4x Beerus the Fickle God, 4x Maleficent Technique Ginyu

These are the 'support' cards for the deck. Champa for pressure or a finishing blow, Beerus for energy and Ginyu is our Super Combo.

1x Unyielding Spirit Trunks

Mandatory for this deck, untap an energy for free on your turn.

4x Dimension Magic, 4x Senzu Bean & 2x Desperate Measures

Our extra card package includes the staples, Dimension Magic & Senzu Bean. We also run Desperate Measures, which serves as a great way to stop your opponents early plays, as well as recycle Goku Black and proc the Rescuer all at once. The look on your opponent's face when you stop them from playing the Android 16 they just wasted two energy on is priceless. Another great use for this card is to stop the pesky Toppo counter running rampant atm. If you see a lot of those it may be worth upping your count of this counter play.

That's the deck! It's very fun to play, albeit not strong in a bo3 format (due to silver bullets), and can struggle with hand size at times. This could definitely be refined more, so let me know your thoughts!

View the decklist here!!/deck/248717

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles!

~ Sam Russell

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