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Krillin eat your heart out - Android 18 cards revealed

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Waifus seem to be a subtheme for this set. We knew the other blue leader would be something android related, but I don't think anyone would have guessed another Android 18 leader! Dr. Gero? Android 16? Those were more likely possibilities. I'm not disappointed that it's 18, but I can't say I'm thrilled either.

So the leader art is really nice, and the skills are... wait, Android 21 is that you?

This leader feels lazy, I'm not sure what they were thinking when designing both this and Android 21's leader cards. As with 21, Android 18 plays the Android 21's Scheme field card at the start of the game. She also has the ability to remove clone tokens on your opponents field to draw, shoot an opponent's 1 drop to hand and this time, self awaken rather than untap an energy. I guess it's different in the sense that it seems like it will be more agro focused than ramp. Draw two on awaken.

Dependable Sister Android 18 is a bit different to 21's awakened side in that she draws on attack as well as having then activate main. When you pop a clone token, you reduce the combo cost of all blue/green cards in your hand and battle area by 1 for the rest of the turn. Decent for the last push.

Android 18, Speedy Substitution immediately power creeps the new Expert Deck's

Android 17, Mechanical Prowess

. With the latter you can fill your drop if you like, but this card has an extra auto on top of the top 5 search. It lets you grab a multicolour Blue/Green card in your energy and add it to your hand, then replace it n rest mode with a card in your hand. Great card.

Hubby is ready for support as always. Supreme Technique Krillin is a 2 drop 5k blocker. It also has an on combo auto that allows you to give an Android 18 Double Strike for the battle if you pop off a clone token. If you pay an additional one energy to combo (or just one when you use 18's awakened activate main), you can play the blocker at the end of the battle. I think this is too expensive for what it does - yes it's one energy for a 5k blocker, but we have a free Krillin blocker for 18 if you wabt a blocker that badly. Just run Furthering Destruction Champa or Hidden Power East Supreme Kai for the double strike and +10k combo.

This card is a given. We knew it was coming. Android 17, Protector of Wildlife is the Energy Exhaust negating battle card for Blue/Green. It also has a once per game skill where if you have it in your battle area, you can remove a card from your opponent's combo area. This has to be the first card they combo with, unlike set 6's Broly cards.

Oooft. Ramp, ramp hard. Android 16, Energy Amplification is comes out for one Blue, one Green energy, and put's the top card of your deck into your energy in rest mode. It's effect only works when played from hand (thank Kami) because this would make Wish ramp decks even worse with assemble the squad! It also doesn't allow you to play cards between 30k and 35k for the rest of the game. Great to help get to the 8 energy needed for Android 21, Violent Predator.

That's it for today's reveal! We'll be back tomorrow with more cards!

As always, keep an eye on our






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Australians, jump on

The Midian Guard

for all your DBS singles! They will be adding the Set 8 upon release!

~ Sam

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