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Magnificent is an understatement! - New Promos Revealed

We're back already with another run through this week! Four promo cards from the upcoming Magnificent Collection were revealed this week, two Gogeta themed cards and two Broly themed cards. Let's start with the former.

This card has been a long time coming. It was revealed months ago with the MC datasheet, but this is the first high quality image we've seen.

Finally a Red(/Blue) Gogeta:Br that can be used with the Blue Gogeta:Br leader! Gogeta fans have been waiting for this since the promo leaders were first revealed in Broly Pack 1. It was a strange decision to design a bunch of cards that required this card months and months before. Anyway, it's here now and it will enable some crazy combos! Making Veku Ramp even stronger, and enabling the use of both the Burn Gogeta SR and the Promo 10 drop Gogeta, which pretty much ends the game on the turn it comes out, as long as your opponent has 4 or less life.

This card also has the bonus of being excellent anti mill. When it's played in the aforementioned deck, you shuffle all the Goku & Vegeta Br cards in your drop back into your deck, pretty much giving Janemba the middle finger.

What the actual... this card is insane. Effectively one energy to remove a 5 cost or less battle card DURING BATTLE. This is crazy. Not much more to be said.

On to the Broly cards.

Some more Green/Yellow Arrival. I like. This card was obviously made with the Yellow Broly:Br leader in mind (which makes sense considering the release). When you play it, or when you untap it using any ability (including your leaders), you can Father Son Kamehameha an opponents battle card, or draw a card and switch an opponents CARD to rest mode. Very strong. Interesting that if it was given dual or triple attack it's effect would proc.

Another way to get your Broly Chain in play, although it stops you from going up the chain the turn you use it. It's good, but it's nothing compared to the Red/Blue extra card that was revealed.

That's it for the promos. A small but impactful reveal. We'll be back with more on the promos as they're revealed.

The article isn't over however. We also found out that the Top 3 at all National Championships globally will be receiving a special alt art leader card each. Here they are!

Look at that art. It's gorgeous. I can't decide which I like the most! If you're going for usability though Broly is the obvious choice. Unfortunate that he's the runner up prize, so you'd have to throw the final match to get him! I'm getting carried away, it's not like I'll be faced with that dilemma.

The last reveal so far this week was that we will be getting a Vault Power Up pack like the ones from the anniversary box, only the cards will be stamped!

From the sounds of it, we will be getting one of each of these in our participation pack!

Thanks for reading everyone, we'll be back with Spice King vol. 3 in the coming days.

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content!

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles!

~ Sam Russell

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